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what is the phone number to call for lost mastercard gift card?

by Triston Brekke Jr. Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago


How can I get my Lost Gift Card back?

Lost & Stolen. For Customer Service Inquiries please contact the number on the back of your card. If your card is lost or stolen, refer to the FAQs specific to your Mastercard Gift Card. This Card is issued by MetaBank ®, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Your card may be used anywhere that Debit ...

What to do about lost gift cards?

Feb 21, 2022 · Contacting MasterCard - by phone or otherwise While 800-622-7747 is MasterCard's best toll-free number, there are 2 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team may just be to tell GetHuman about your issue and let us try to find the best way to contact them or find help for that particular issue.

How do you report a lost credit card?

Call For Customer Service inquiries please contact the number on the back of your card. If your card is lost or stolen, refer to the FAQs specific to your Mastercard ® Gift Card. Write Blackhawk Network ATTN: Customer Service 10615 Professional Circle Ste. 102 Reno, NV 89521

How do I replace a lost Walmart gift card?

What do I do if my Gift Card is lost or stolen? If you believe that your Card has been lost or stolen, you need to notify us immediately by calling 1-833-623-4266. You will be asked to provide us with the Card number and other identifying information.


How do I report a lost Mastercard gift card?

What do I do if my Gift Card is lost or stolen? If you believe that your Card has been lost or stolen, you need to notify us immediately by calling 1-833-623-4266. You will be asked to provide us with the Card number and other identifying information.

Does Mastercard have 24 hour customer service?

Wherever you travel worldwide, you can always count on MasterCard Global Service™ for any card-related need. Call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we'll connect you with a representative who speaks your language, and can help with: Lost or stolen cards.

Can gift cards be tracked?

In general, it is very difficult for gift cards to be traced. A main component of gift cards is that they are not attached to an individual or an account, so there is no personal information linked to them. Even if you use a credit card to purchase the gift card, this does not mean that the stolen funds can be traced.Feb 26, 2021

Can you track a lost Visa gift card?

A) Yes, they do keep track of purchases. Almost all prepaid gift cards require some form of registration where they collect different data about you: name, address, zip code, phone number, etc.Dec 31, 2014

Why is my MasterCard gift card not working?

There are a number of possible reasons why a purchase could be declined: You don't have enough money left on your card. You haven't activated or registered your card. The address you gave to make an online or phone purchase is different from the address you have on file with your prepaid card provider.Sep 4, 2020

Do MasterCard numbers start with 5?

Visa cards begin with the number 4. Mastercards start with the number 5. Discover Cards begin with the number 6.Aug 30, 2021

What happens if you lose a gift card?

If you lose them, they're gone. Under certain limited circumstances, you can get a replacement if you have a receipt or a card number. There's no guarantee, though. In fact, most card agreements specify that they won't replace them.Aug 30, 2021

What do I do if someone stole my gift card?

Contact the retailer immediately upon noticing the card missing to cancel the card and find out the process for getting a new one. If you don't have the original card receipt, you may still be able to be reimbursed if you have the gift card number or if you registered the card at the issuer's site when you received it.Jan 27, 2019

Can gift card be refunded?

Generally speaking, gift cards are considered non-refundable. When you purchase a card, you use it once and stick to what you bought. In practice, buyers are given a lot more leeway and they can refund most products under the right circumstances.

What happens if a Visa gift card gets lost in the mail?

You may wonder where all that money in gift cards go if they are unclaimed or undelivered, the U.S. Postal Service just destroys them. If your gift cards get lost in the mail or might be stolen, and you want to see if it has been found you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS.Dec 9, 2016

How do you check if a gift card has been used?

Look at the bottom of the receipt after you use the gift card. If you use the gift card at a physical location, get a printed receipt. Most companies will list the remaining balance of your card on the bottom of the receipt.

How do I contact a Visa gift card?

A smart gift anyone can appreciate. For general questions regarding Visa gift cards, call (866)511-GIFT. Card information is provided by third parties.Jan 7, 2022

How do I report a lost credit card?

If my Card is lost or stolen, how do I report it? If your Card is lost or stolen, call Customer Service 24/7 at 1 (877) 322-4710 to cancel your Card as soon as you can. You will need to know your Card number, so be sure to record it in a safe place. You may also be required to provide additional information.

How to track my gift card balance?

There are three ways you can keep track of your balance: visit mcgift.giftcardmall.com, or call 1 (877) 322-4710 to make automated balance inquiries 24/7, or track your balance as you spend. Some retailers do not have access to the remaining balance on your Card.

How to recover a lost gift card?

The key to recovering a missing gift card is knowing the gift card number. You don’t even need to find the physical plastic if you can simply provide the number itself. To be sure you never get caught without the gift card number again, take the following precautions: 1. Put the Gift Card in Your Wallet.

What to do if you can't get a replacement gift card?

If you can’t get resolution or a replacement gift card from the gift card merchant, then perhaps your bank has a buyer protection policy that can help . If you purchased the gift card with a debit or credit card, contact your bank to see if they have a replacement option for lost or stolen merchandise.

What to do if your credit card is lost?

If you think the card got “lost” in the mail, file a complaint with the United States Postal Service (or other shipping company) or contact your local authorities. You should also let the merchant know that you are not the person who used the card. (“I live in California, the card was apparently used in Connecticut.”) Although you are not likely to be compensated for the missing card, perhaps your efforts will expose a bigger fraud problem and prevent others from having to endure the same disappointment.

How to use a gift card?

1. Put the Gift Card in Your Wallet. By putting the gift card in your wallet next to the credit and debit cards you use most often, you’re more likely to see the gift card on a regular basis. Seeing the gift card will help you use it in a timely manner. Using the card quickly prevents you from losing it.

How to keep track of gift card numbers?

The easiest way to keep track of gift card numbers is to enter the cards into a mobile wallet or gift card app. I have used several. If you store gift cards electronically, you may be able to use the gift cards in stores without carrying the plastic plus many feature automated balance checks so I don’t have to remember how much money is on the card–the app keeps track of it for me. For this reason, I think gift card apps are useful for more than just making sure I have a way to recover a lost gift card.

Do gift cards have to be activated?

All gift cards must be activated (and funds allocated) at the time of purchase. The system that activates the card will typically record the gift card number, or a portion of it, on an activation receipt. This receipt may be printed on the bottom of the total purchase receipt or it might be a separate piece of paper.

How to report a lost or stolen credit card?

Report a lost or stolen card. If the country/region you are in is not listed, or if you experience difficulties using any of the toll-free numbers, please call collect at + 1-303-967-1096. (Collect calls are placed using the local operator.)

What happens if a Visa card is stolen?

In the event your card was stolen, this may help prevent fraud.

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