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wex fleet card phone number

by Eleazar Bogisich Published 9 months ago Updated 5 months ago

What is the best fleet fuel card?

Contact Fleet. Contact us at 1-855-387-3526 to speak with a fleet expert. Or, tell us a little about yourself and we’ll be in touch to discuss fleet solutions for your business.

What gas stations accept Wex?

WEX Fleet Fuel Cards | Contact Us. Call 1-800-395-0812 to speak with a sales representative. Or complete the form below and a rep will respond to you shortly. Thank you for your interest!

How to use a Wex fuel card?

Our Participant Services team is available Monday – Friday, 6am to 9pm CST, with the exception of some major holidays. 866-451-3399. [email protected] [email protected] Employers.

How to process Wex card?

Phone Numbers. Customer Service. Pay by Phone. Fax. 1-800-492-0669. 1-800-492-0669. Please follow the prompts and have your banking information available.


How do I contact WEX?

Available Monday – Friday, 6am to 9pm CST, with the exception of some major holidays.Participants/Employees. 1-866-451-3399. Live Chat. [email protected] ... Individual HSA Accountholders. 1-877-765-8815. [email protected] 1-877-765-8810. [email protected]

How do I call Fleet One?

For questions, please call 800.359. 7587. Refer a Fleet.

How do I check my WEX card balance?

You can view your balance at any time on the WEX Motorpass Online Service Centre customer portal. If you'd prefer to speak to somebody, our customer service team can help you out on 1300 366 109.

How do I order a new WEX card?

REQUEST A NEW CREDIT CARD Go to GSA Fleet Drive-thru website at (drivethru.fas.gsa.gov). 2. Click on WEX Replacement Card Ordering from the home page under the “Application Access” section.

Is Fleet one owned by Wex?

EFS and Fleet One solutions are at the heart of WEX Fleet's over-the-road (OTR) business segment. When EFS and Fleet One joined the WEX family, they brought their unique expertise, leading technology, and resources to serve thousands of customers — of all sizes — throughout the trucking industry.

What is Wex fleet?

The WEX Fleet Card is the fastest way for a growing business to drive real savings, with automatic fuel expense tracking, employee spending controls, purchase alerts, and exclusive discounts in the WEX EDGE savings network all in one fuel card. Accepted at 95% of U.S. fuel stations. Detailed, custom reports.

Why is my WEX benefits card not working?

What are some reasons that the WEX Health Payment card might not work at point of sale? The most common reasons why a Card may be declined at the point of sale are:  The Card has not been activated.  The Card has been used before the 24-hour period after activation is over.

What is WEX debit card?

The WEX Health Debit card is a special-purpose Mastercard that gives participants an easy, automatic way to pay for eligible Health Care FSA expenses. The Debit card lets participants electronically access the pre-tax amounts set aside in the Health Care FSA.

How do I use my WEX benefits card?

The WEX benefits debit card works anywhere that offers an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) or at merchants that meet the IRS' 90 percent rule. If used at an IIAS merchant, simply swipe your card to have any eligible expenses automatically approved. You can also pay out of pocket and request reimbursement.Jul 19, 2021

Is WEX fleet card a credit card?

Unlike corporate credit cards, which can be used on a broad range of expenses, fleet cards are usually only used for vehicle expenses. With WEX fleet cards you do have the option to provide your drivers with additional purchasing options through the WEX Edge program.Dec 27, 2021

Does WEX fleet card report to credit bureaus?

Wex Fleet. WEX also reports to Experian and Dun & Bradstreet. A $500 deposit is required, as well as a 411-business phone number listing.Feb 14, 2019

What is WEX flex card?

The WEX FlexCard is the easiest way for a growing business to start saving, with rebates and the flexibility to carry a balance when cash flow is tight. Plus, there are no setup, annual, or card fees. *Promotional offer includes the greater of 3¢ rebate per gallon fueled for one year or 6,000 gallons per account.


Looking for Discovery Benefits forms and resources?#N#Find them here in the participant knowledgebase

Benefits Customer Support – Formerly Discovery Benefits

Our Participant Services team is available Monday – Friday, 6am to 9pm CST, with the exception of some major holidays.

Contact Customer Support

You can also reach us by filling out a quick form with information to assist you.

What is WEX card?

With automatic accounting, easy tools to control spending, and available discounts through the WEX EDGE savings network, WEX cards help your business save when it’s needed more than ever.

Where are WEX cards accepted?

With WEX, you never have to plan routes around where to fuel, or drive miles out of your way to find the right station. WEX cards are accepted at every major U.S. fuel station, plus over 45,000 service locations.

When did WEX start?

WEX started in 1983 with a mission to simplify fuel payments and accounting for busy professionals like you. Today we serve over 300,000 U.S. companies, and we’re a worldwide leader in fueling solutions for small businesses and commercial fleets.

Fuel Cards & Drivers

Under Vehicle/Asset Information, enter the requested info for the vehicle or asset.

Controls & Reports

The cards you receive will contain one of two profiles—Fuel Only, or Custom Control. To see which is assigned to your cards, follow these steps:

What is a WEX card?

You can use your WEX fleet card, included with each GSA Fleet-leased vehicle, to turn on installation pumps nationally. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) uses WEX fleet cards to activate DLA-capitalized pumps at military installations in European countries where GSA Fleet Europe offers full-service rates. You can also coordinate with GSA Fleet to obtain reimbursement for tax-free, off-post commercial fuel in full-service area host nations, which is available via Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) or Navy Exchange (NEX) cards or coupons. For more information, contact your Vehicle Control Officers (VCOs) or GSA Fleet Service Representative (FSR).

How to order a replacement fleet card?

You can order replacement cards online by logging into the GSA Fleet Drive-thru website. After logging in, select "Fleet Card Replacement Ordering" from the main menu page under the "Vehicle Fleet Data" section. Verify that the default shipping address is correct. Because orders are sent via overnight shipment, you must provide a physical shipping address and not a P.O. address. Replacement card (s) will arrive within 1-2 business days from the time of order. Direct any questions about fleet card orders to [email protected]

What is a GSA fleet card?

A GSA Fleet card is issued to a specific vehicle and should only be used for the vehicle to which it is issued. The leasing agency is the government’s agent for each purchase made with the GSA Fleet card and is responsible for each transaction.

Who is responsible for fleet card task order?

Each agency is responsible for issuing a fleet card task order. In addition to GSA Fleet, the Departments of Commerce, State, and Homeland Security have all chosen WEX as their fleet card. To find out which fleet card federal agency vehicles are utilizing, feel free to contact GSA's SmartPay Office.

How to identify a GSA fleet vehicle?

You can easily identify GSA Fleet vehicles by the license plate and payment method . License plates on GSA Fleet-owned vehicles have a G preceding the alphanumeric sequence. If you encounter a GSA Fleet vehicle without a GSA license plate, ask the driver to provide the GSA Fleet service card. The vehicle tag number is located in the lower left corner of the card. If the vehicle has GSA tags, make sure the vehicle tag number matches the number listed on the GSA Fleet service card.

Can you use a chargepoint card on a GSA fleet?

You can use your ChargePoint scan card, which comes with every GSA Fleet-leased electric vehicle, to initiate electric vehicle charging. The data will be captured in the ChargePoint data portal. The data is connected to each vehicle tag and published along with other fueling transactions in the GSA Fleet Drive-thru fuel usage report.

Can you pay for fuel and maintenance with a GSA fleet card?

GSA Fleet Card. You can pay for fuel and maintenance for your GSA Fleet-leased vehicle with the Wright Express, Inc.® (WEX) Fleet Mastercard. The GSA Fleet WEX card is accepted at over 180,000 fueling and maintenance sites in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Canada. Every vehicle you lease through GSA Fleet has a corresponding WEX card.

Accepting fuel locations

Additional fuel locations: AC&T, Aloha, Aviation, Bell Gas, Bigfoot, Capital City, Carousel, Certified, Circle K, City Garage, Cogos, Crystal Flash, Cumberland Farms, D&D Oil, Dairy Mart, Depot, Drivers Traveler, Dynamic Mart, Economy, Eddins Walcher, Enmark, Express Stop, Family Express, Farstad, Fast Track, Fauser Oil, FFP, Flash Foods, Food Chief, Fuel Mart, Gas America, Giant, Git-n-Go, Global, Grow Mark, Halley’s, Handy Andy’s, Huck’s, ICO, Ideal, Inter City, Johnson & Dixon, Kenyon, King Soopers, Koch, Kramer, Krause, Kwik Pantry, Lil Champ, Lucky Stop, M & H, Macs Stores, McClure Oil, MFA Oil, Mr.

Accepting service locations

Additional locations: American LubeFast, Big O Tires, Daimler/Chrysler, Diamond/Triumph Auto Glass, Dodge BusinessLink (limited participation), GM Goodwrench (limited participation), Harmon Glass, Netcost Auto Glass, Tire Centers Inc, Wash Depot. PLUS many more regional and independent locations across the U.S.

Find accepting locations in your area

WEX cards are accepted at over 160,000 U.S. fuel stations, and it’s easy to find the ones near you. Just download WEX Connect — our free mobile app — and search by lowest price, brand, distance, or location.

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