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underwriters laboratory phone number to use credit card

by Marcella Bailey Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

How do you call UL?

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. Please call +1.800. 595.9844 and leave a message or email us at [email protected] and we will respond promptly.

What is laboratory underwriting?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the largest and best known independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory in the world. Based in Northwood, Illinois, UL conducts safety and quality tests on a broad range of products, from fire doors to CCTV cameras.

Is Underwriters Laboratories still in business?

U.S. UL, LLC is a global safety certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. It maintains offices in 46 countries.

How long has Underwriters Laboratories been in business?

It's been a long and exciting journey since UL was founded back in 1894. Our mission, working for a safer world, remains unchanged, even as the world continues to advance and evolve. We look forward to helping people – companies, consumers and society – achieve what's possible for the next 125 years and beyond.

Is UL approved in Canada?

UL has been developing standards for over 100 years. In 2013, UL was accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a nationally recognized Standards Development Organization (SDO) to develop National Standards of Canada (NSCs).

Is UL an underwriter lab?

UL Incorporates Underwriters Laboratories (UL) incorporates in the state of Illinois. Henry Clay Eddy is named president and William Henry Merrill, Jr., UL's founder, is named manager of the organization.

What brand is UL?

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a third-party certification company that's been around for over a century. UL was founded in 1894 in Chicago.

Is UL publicly traded?

The testing company says it has no plans to go public, but there's plenty for investors to like. Underwriters Laboratories was losing money and selling assets to raise cash in the 2000s while security guards escorted laid-off engineers to the door.Oct 18, 2019

Did Underwriters Laboratories make lamps?

portable lamps include: Table lamps: Many lamps from Underwriters Laboratories are table lamps.

Is UL private?

Underwriters Laboratories, the owners of the UL logo found on electrical appliances is a non-profit organization dedicated to testing product safety.Jan 10, 2018

How old is UL?

University of LimerickOllscoil LuimnighEstablished• In 1972 as National Institute of Higher Education, Limerick. • In 1989 as the University of Limerick.ChancellorMary HarneyPresidentKerstin MeyAcademic staff498 (2016)11 more rows

Is UL required in USA?

There is no law in the U.S. requiring UL certification. But commercial building and electrical codes as well as retailers may require it. And if you produce a product designed to meet specific safety criteria or it might pose a safety risk, you definitely need testing.

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