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the prison inmate phone company will not accept my debit card number

by Melvina Rodriguez Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

How do I put money on my phone to get calls from jail?

Friends and family should visit ConnectNetwork.com or call 800.483. 8314 to set up an AdvancePay® account today! Friends and family members are also able to purchase phone minutes for an inmate's PIN Debit account by creating an Offender Phone account through ConnectNetwork.com.

Can you use a prepaid card for ICSolutions?

Yes, as long as you are willing to accept the calls and your phone number is not restricted by the facility or for the specific inmate. How long do I have to use available funds in a Prepaid Account?

How do I add money to my ICSolutions?

Phone—dial toll free, 866.345. 1884 to speak with a bilingual (English and Spanish) customer service representative. 3.) In-facility kiosk—an Access Corrections kiosk that accepts cash, credit and debit cards in the lobby of correctional facilities is ready to process your deposit.

How do I put money on my TDCJ inmate phone?

We offer multiple ways of making a payment to your account:By the free Securus Mobile App available on the Apple or Google Play Store.By Phone with a credit or debit card: 972-734-1111*By website with a credit or debit card: www.securustech.net*More items...

How do I contact IC solutions?

By phone: You can call our toll-free customer service center at 1(888) 506-8407. Customer Care Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your questions and process your purchase.

What is a prepaid debit call?

A Prepaid Account will allow you to receive calls from an inmate to whatever phone number (i.e. home, cellphone, etc.) you designate, as long as that phone number is not restricted by the facility. A Debit Telephone Account will allow the inmate to call any facility approved phone numbers they desire.

What number do I call to put money on my phone?

800-483-8314Customers can also use GTL's automated telephone system to create an account and make deposits with a credit card. The system is completely automated and can be accessed by calling 800-483-8314.

Does IC solutions have a monthly limit?

ICSolutions, on the other hand, accepts $275 a month in increments of up to $50 at a time, while AmTel allows $250 a week in individual deposits of up to $100.May 29, 2013

What is prepaid collect account?

When you create an AdvancePay account, you're creating a prepaid collect calling service that allows an inmate to call your phone number using deposited funds. You can even set up multiple AdvancePay accounts if you have inmates in separate facilities and wish to have calls directed to different phone numbers.

What is Securus inmate debit?

A Securus Debit account is owned by the incarcerated individual and used to pay for Securus services offered at their facility. This is NOT a commissary account. This may include services such as phone calls, eMessaging stamps, tablet media (games, music, and movies) as well as Video Connect sessions.

What phone company does TDCJ use?

Texas Department of Criminal Justice has contracted with Preferred Communications of Texas to provide calling services to the inmates at the facilities of the TDCJ.

How do I put money on an inmate's account?

There are two ways you may add money to an inmates account in person. Some institutions allow you to drop a check or money order off at the prison where the inmate is being held. Please call the institution to verify. Drop your check or money order into the box labelled "Inmate Funds" in the lobby.

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