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suntrust credit card phone number

by Mr. Nikko Padberg Published 11 months ago Updated 8 months ago

How to contact SunTrust?

Jan 23, 2022 · Customer Service: (877) 596-5407 Credit Bureau Disputes (800) 443-1032 Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned (REO) and …

How do you call SunTrust?

Call 844-487-8478. We can help. Sign in A great card deserves a great partner. Personal checking accounts Unlock your credit card’s full potential—pair it with a Truist checking account. Avoid overdraft fees. Link your checking and credit accounts to add …

What is the phone number for SunTrust Bank customer service?

Apr 21, 2021 · You can reach the SunTrust Prime Rewards Credit Card’s customer service: Online by signing in to your account or by looking for the “Message Us” popup; Via the SunTrust Mobile app for iOS and Android; By calling (800) 477-9702 or the number on the back of your card; By sending a mail to the following address: SunTrust Bank P.O. Box 85024

How to cancel debit card SunTrust?

Jun 16, 2021 · If we cannot contact you then we will place a block on the card, most of the time it is blocked before we call you to not allow the transaction go through. This is legit, you can look the number up online. Our direct number is 1-800-447-8994, you can also dial the 24-hr card security 1-877-864-0197 -SuntrustFraudPrevention Anonymous


Does SunTrust have a 24 hour customer service?

If you have a SunTrust account specific request or question and have access to online banking, please log-on to Online Banking and send us a secure message, or call us at 1-800-SUNTRUST to speak with a customer service representative.

What is the phone number for SunTrust customer service?

(800) 786-8787SunTrust Banks / Customer service

What credit score is needed for a SunTrust credit card?

700Ultimately, it is worth mentioning that most SunTrust credit cards require good credit, which is a credit score of at least 700.Jul 12, 2021

How do I check my SunTrust account balance?

Check Account Balance of SunTrust BankCheck your account balance of SunTrust Bank by sending a text message.To get your US bank account balance, type as BAL and send to 786411 (SUN411).You will get your complete US bank account balance details.

How do I contact BB&T customer service?

Call 888-228-6654.

Is SunTrust now Truist?

As you are aware, SunTrust Bank (“SunTrust”) merged with Branch Banking and Trust Company, a North Carolina banking corporation (“BB&T”) and the combined bank is now known as Truist Bank (“Truist”).

Which credit bureau does SunTrust use?

SunTrust will use TransUnion and/or Equifax for approval. Once you're approved and begin using your SunTrust credit card, SunTrust will report your payment history to the three major consumer credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) on a monthly basis.Jul 1, 2020

How much is it to open a SunTrust account?

SunTrust Select Checking AccountTypeFeeMonthly Maintenance Fee$15Minimum Opening Deposit$100Stop Payment Fee$36Non-SunTrust ATM Fee$3 (first 2 transactions waived per cycle)6 more rows•Jan 27, 2022

How do I build my credit?

How to Build Credit Without a Credit CardPay all your existing loans diligently. Payment history is the most important aspect of your credit score, so pay close attention to your existing debt. ... Installment loans can give your scores a lift. ... Nonprofit lending circles. ... Have your monthly bills added to your credit report.Apr 9, 2021

How do I login to my SunTrust account?

How To Log In To Your SunTrust Bank Account From a Computer. Visit the online login page and enter your user name and password. If you forget either, click on “Forgot User ID/Password” and follow the instructions to receive a reminder email.Jan 21, 2022

How can I access my bank account with my Social Security number?

A bank will likely ask additional security questions that are designed as a personal test before it provides access to your checking, savings or investing accounts. In person, a bank may also accept a physical Social Security card, passport or Real ID in addition to your Social Security number.Jun 9, 2021

How long do Pending transactions take SunTrust?

Most merchants process transactions within three days, but can take five or more. If a merchant submits a final transaction for posting after the initial three-day time period, you are still responsible for the payment.

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