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star card payment phone number

by Prof. Jarrod Bailey Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago


How do I pay off my military Star card online?

From the Account Summary Page, select the “Make a Payment” button. Add at least one bank profile (you will need your bank account number and the transit/routing number from one of your checks; the page shows you how to identify these numbers) Schedule your one-time or recurring payment. Submit your request.

Can you use credit card to pay military Star card?

It works just like any private label credit card, but you can only use it at stores run by the Military Exchange.

Who does collections for military Star card?

AAFES Collections is a debt collection agency in the U.S. that works to recover past-due funds from those with Military Star Card or AAFES debt.

How do I cancel my Star card payment?

You must contact The Exchange Credit Program call center at 1‑877‑891‑7827 (STAR) to close your account.

Can I pay my military Star card over the phone?

You may submit a payment through the website or by calling the Exchange Credit Program Call Center at 1‑877‑891‑7827 (STAR).

Where do I mail my military Star card payment?

You must sign your Card before its first use. If you notice the loss or theft of your Card or a possible unauthorized use of your Card, you should write to us immediately at Exchange Credit Program, PO Box 650410, Dallas, TX 75265-0410, or call us at (877) 891-7827.

What happens if you don't pay your military Star card?

The Military Star card is part of the military exchange program, and so it acts differently than regular credit cards. If you exceed your credit limit or do not pay your bill as required, your command may be notified, your pay may be garnished, and/or your income tax return may be seized.Nov 22, 2016

Is the military Star card a federal debt?

Debts that are incurred on a Military Star Card are subject to discharge in a bankruptcy. You can protect your tax refund from being offset by the federal government by filing for bankruptcy. Once your debt from your Military Star Card is discharged in bankruptcy, the IRS will not be able to offset your tax refund.May 13, 2015

Can I pay my military Star card in store?

Pay Your Way is available at Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard exchange stores, and shopmyexchange.com (beginning November).

Why is my military pay late?

Military pay deposits for thousands of troops who typically receive their checks several days early through a handful of banking institutions were delayed after the office responsible for processing that money was forced to hold the funds.Dec 14, 2020

How do I check my military Star card balance?

You can view your rewards balance on MyECP.com, MILITARY STAR mobile app, or your monthly MILITARY STAR statement.

What bank is military Star card?

The Military Star Card is a private-label line of credit offered by the Exchange Credit Service (ECP) and managed by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES).

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