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safeway club card activation phone number

by Declan Effertz Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago


How do I get a Safeway Club Card?

Answer (1 of 2): If you are given a Safeway club card from an employee from the store the card is actually already activated. It’s just shows as “valued customer” or something along the lines if you use it at checkout. The benefit to calling and having it “activated” is having your name and phone...

How do you register for the Safeway Club Card?

If you want to link or unlink your Safeway for U™ accounts, please contact our Customer Service Center toll free line at 1-877-258-2799. If a Program Member’s account number is used by any other person, all points relating to purchases made by such other person will be credited to the Program Member’s account.

How to get a Safeway Club card account?

If you have a Safeway Club card, you can enjoy a lot of benefits from the store especially sales and discounts. You can always update the information on the card. ... The Best Phone Number for Safeway An Overview of Safeway Contact Information Safeway Customer Service Ratings & Issues. Asked 2 years ago. Updated 2 years ago. Viewed 1,297,585 times.

Does Safeway accept Kroger gift cards?

Retail Store/Corporate - 877-723-3929. Grocery Delivery & Pickup - 877-505-4040. Media Inquiries - 208-395-4722. Accessibility Support - 877-635-4833.


How do I activate my Safeway Club Card?

How Do I Register For A Safeway Club Card?Go to Safeway.com. ... On the form, fill out your first and last name and email address.Create a password for your account.Once you've filled out all the above, you can simply enter the number on your Safeway Club Card on the “Mobile Number or Club Card Number” option.More items...

How do I replace my Safeway Club Card?

If Safeway customers lose their club card, the process they need to go through is very simple. They can request a new card from the customer service desk, or they can download the Safeway Just For U app and load their account information into the app. There's no additional fee if a card is lost.

How do I change my Safeway card number?

How do I update or change the phone number associated with my Safeway club card? You can fill out this online update form here. If you are in the US, you can also call Safeway customer service at 1-877-SAFEWAY (1-877-723-3929). If you are in Canada, call 1-800-723-3929.Dec 25, 2011

How do I contact Safeway?

(877) 258-2799Safeway Inc. / Customer service

What are the benefits of using the Safeway mobile app?

The Safeway mobile app enables for U™ members to view and clip digital coupons and personalized deals, redeem Rewards for free gas and groceries and receive cash discounts, create an in-store shopping list, place online orders for delivery and DriveUp & Go™, and much more.

What is the Birthday treat and how do I receive it?

At the beginning of each month, qualifying Safeway for U™ members will receive a birthday treat offer (up to $10 value) placed into their Safeway for U™ account. It’s our way of celebrating our Safeway for U™ members’ birthday!

How do I receive a free item every month?

As a Safeway for U™ member, you will receive an offer for a free item (up to $10 value) once per month. To receive a free item every month (up to $10 value), add the offer to your Safeway for U™ account prior to the expiration date specified on the offer.

What is a Safeway Club card?

A Safeway Club Card is a loyalty program card that allows you to save up to 20% from your Safeway purchases. The card is crucial for anyone who wants to partake in the sales offered by Safeway. It is very easy to acquire a Safeway card. All you need to do is to talk to a customer service agent at a Safeway store then you will be requested ...

How to register Safeway card online?

The process of registering your Safeway card online is as follows: 1. Launch your web browser. 2. Open the Safeway website. 3. Click the 'Registration' link on the homepage and you will be redirected to the registration site with the online registration form. 4.

What to do after getting Safeway coupons?

All you need to do after getting the coupons is to swipe your card at a store. With the Safeway Club card, you also get 'personalized deals' whenever you shop online using the card. To keep enjoying the benefits of the Safeway Club Card, you will have to upgrade your card before it expires. You will also not lose all the accumulated points when ...

What are the benefits of a Safeway card?

There are many benefits to having a Safeway Club card in addition to the numerous sales opportunities. You also accumulate points whenever you use the card at a store. You can use the points for several things for example getting discounts at the gas station.

Can I update my Safeway Club card online?

If you have a Safeway Club card, you can enjoy a lot of benefits from the store especially sales and discounts. You can always update the information on the card. You can either do so online or physically at a Safeway store. Call customer service for help with any trouble updating your information.

Can I use a Safeway card at the checkout counter?

If you don't like carrying a physical card around, there is a Safeway app you can use instead. The Safeway Club card has to be with you for you to enjoy its benefits. As soon as the card is swiped at the checkout counter, all the discounts available to your card will be granted to you.

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Were discounts added to my online order?

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Is eScrip valid in Colorado?

The eScrip program allows members to register their card with a school. A percentage of their qualifying purchases go to that school. The eScrip program is not valid in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming. ADVERTISEMENT.

Is Safeway Club Card available in store?

Follow Us: Safeway Club Cards are only available in-store. It's possible to ask customer service for an application or print out the application at home and bring it in already filled out. Registering for a Safeway Club Card involves filling out an application with basic information.

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