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report lost medicaid cards in indiana phone number

by Melba Collier Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

How do you get a lost Medicaid card?

Contacts for Members Not Enrolled in a Health Plan: Traditional Medicaid (Not enrolled in a health plan) Member Services. 800-457-4584. Pharmacy Services.

How to replace a lost or stolen Medicaid card?

Click here or call 800-403-0864 to report a change to your SNAP (food assistance), TANF (cash assistance) or Medicaid (health coverage) case; such as income, household member changes, home address, employment status, etc.

How do I get a new Medicaid card in Indiana?

Indiana Medicaid for Providers. Current: Contact Information. Learn about the many ways to contact the Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP). Contact Us. Policy Consideration Requests. IHCP Quick Reference Guide. Provider Relations Consultants. Territory Map.

How to cancel Indiana Medicaid?

Dec 07, 2021 · Follow these important steps to obtain a replacement Medicaid card and learn why it’s so important to replace a lost or stolen Medicaid card as quickly as you can. Speak with a licensed insurance agent 1-800-557-6059 TTY 711, 24/7


How do I get a replacement Medicaid card in Indiana?

You can request a replacement card at any time, online through your Member Portal. You can also call MHS Member Services. We will mail out a replacement card within 7-10 business days after your request.Jan 15, 2021

How do I contact Medicaid in Indiana?

Call us at 1-877-822-7196 or in the Indianapolis area 317-822-7196. There are representatives that can help you. If you should get an automated message after-hours, please leave your name and number and someone will return your call no later than the next business day.

Is Hoosier health Card Medicaid?

Hoosier Healthwise (HHW) is Indiana's Medicaid plan for pregnant women and children. HHW provides health care, including doctor visits, prescription drugs, mental health care, dental care, hospitalizations, surgeries and family planning at little or no cost to the member or the member's family.Feb 22, 2022

Is Hoosier Healthwise the same as Medicaid?

Hoosier Healthwise (HHW) is one of the Indiana Medicaid programs. It is the State of Indiana's health care program for children, pregnant women, and families with low income. Based on family income, children up to age 19 may be eligible for coverage.

What is Indiana Hoosier health Card?

Hoosier Healthwise is a health insurance program for Indiana children and pregnant women. Health care is provided at little or no cost to Indiana families enrolled in the program. The enrolled member chooses a doctor to get regular checkups and health care for illnesses.

How do I get a Medicaid waiver in Indiana?

For more information about the Indiana Medicaid waiver program call (877) 218-3530. The first step is to apply for Medicaid once you have an Indiana residence. You may apply online at or in person at a local office, or call 1-800-403-0864 to request an application be mailed to you.

Is MDwise Medicaid?

It is one of the Medicaid programs available to Hoosiers that qualify or are eligible.Jun 30, 2021

How do I check the status of my Indiana Medicaid application?

You can check on the status of your application online by clicking on your county of residence or by calling 1-800-403-0864. You will need to have your case number to check the status of your application.

What is the maximum income to qualify for Medicaid in Indiana?

Income / family sizeFamily sizeIncome limit (per month)1$2,8892$3,8913$4,8944$5,8981 more row

What is Package C Medicaid Indiana?

Package A: Standard Plan – Package A is a full-service plan for children and pregnant women. Package C: Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – Package C is a full-service plan for children up to age 19. There is a small monthly premium payment and copay for some services based on family income.

Which Medicaid plan is best in Indiana?

MDwise scored 82.2 percent, an increase from last year, making it the top-ranked Indiana Medicaid health plan. The organization placed 45th out of 213 Medicaid plans in the nation.Sep 22, 2011

Is Anthem Hoosier Care Connect Medicaid?

Anthem works with the state of Indiana to bring you the Hoosier Care Connect (HCC) health care program. We've been honored to serve Hoosier Medicaid members since 2007. Now that you're a part of the Anthem family, we want to make sure you make the most of your benefits.

How to replace your Medicaid card

As soon as you notice your Medicaid card is missing, you should call your state Medicaid program immediately. You can use an online directory to find the phone number for your state’s Medicaid program. You may be given a pre-recorded prompt that includes directions to replace a lost or stolen Medicaid card.

What to do if you think your Medicaid card has been compromised

A lost or stolen Medicaid card that falls into the wrong hands can lead to fraud against the Medicaid program or even against you. That’s why it’s so important to report a lost or stolen card immediately.


If you are an Indiana Health Coverage Programs member or are interested in applying to become a member, please click here.


If you are an Indiana Health Coverage Programs provider or are interested in becoming an Indiana Medicaid provider, please click here.

Business Partners

If you are an Indiana Health Coverage Programs business partner (such as a managed care entity, trading partner, or contractor), please click here.

What is the Medicare and Medicaid Services number?

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 7500 Security Boulevard. Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850. Toll-Free: 877-267-2323.

What is the TTY number for Medicaid?

TTY Local: 410-786-0727. Medicaid.gov Mailbox: [email protected] For information on the organizational structure of the Centers for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS), please refer to our organizational page where you can get information on the different CMCS groups and their functions.

What is Medicaid and CHIP?

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are joint federal/state programs for which state Medicaid/CHIP agencies have full responsibility for all aspects of the administration and operation of the Medicaid program in their state, including determining eligibility for and enrollment into their programs.

What is CMCS in Medicaid?

The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) is committed to working in close partnership with states, as well as providers, families, and other stakeholders to support effective, innovative, and high quality health coverage programs. Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are joint federal/state programs for which state Medicaid/CHIP agencies have full responsibility for all aspects of the administration and operation of the Medicaid program in their state, including determining eligibility for and enrollment into their programs.

What are the eligibility criteria for medicaid?

Medicaid eligibility criteria vary from state to state. Many states have expanded their Medicaid programs to cover more low-income adults. If you are unsure if you might qualify for Medicaid, you should apply. You might be eligible depending on your household income, family size, age, disability, and other factors. You must be a United States (U.S.) citizen, a U.S. national, or have a satisfactory immigration status to be eligible for full benefits. Visit HealthCare.gov to take a quick screening to help you determine your eligibility for Medicaid/CHIP or other health insurance options.

Do you need to work directly with Medicaid?

State Medicaid agencies handle the enrollment of their own providers and to be a covered provider, you need to work directly with the state’s Medicaid Agency . If you don’t have contact information for your state, you can find provider enrollment information here.

How to get a replacement Medicare card if lost?

If your Medicare card was lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can ask for a replacement by using your online my Social Security account, even if you don't yet receive Social Security benefits. If don’t already have a Social Security on-line account, you can create one online. Go to Sign In or Create an Account.

How long does it take for a Medicare card to arrive?

Then select “Mail my replacement Medicare Card.”. Your Medicare card will arrive in the mail in about 30 days at the address on file with Social Security.

How many digits are on a member ID card?

It is a 12 digit number, and does not include letters or other special characters. In addition to your member number, your member ID card includes phone numbers, web addresses, mailing addresses, and other important information for both you and your provider.

What is a member ID number?

Your member ID number is what links you to your healthcare benefits. It is printed on the front of every member ID card. Keep your member ID card on you at all times, in case you need emergency care.

EBT Card

If your EBT card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, please call 800-997-7777 to ask for a replacement EBT card. You can also call the FSD Information Center at 855-FSD-INFO (855-373-4636).

Healthcare Card

If you need a new MO HealthNet ID card, please call 855-FSD-INFO (855-373-4636). If you need a new Managed Care health plan card, please reach out to your health plan directly:

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