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phone number for straight talk international global calling card

by Nolan Reichel Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

For Home Phone: Dial 1-646-982-0992 or save it as a quick dial. Android and iPhone customers: Visit Google Play or App Store to download Straighttalk International for direct dialing without an access number.

How do I activate international calling on straight talk?

How to get started?Dial this access number: 410-635-5555.To make a call: When prompted, enter the 0 1 1 + the country code + city code and the destination number, followed by the # key. ... Talk and enjoy the Straight Talk Unlimited International** Service Plan!More items...

Does Straight Talk have an international calling card?

The $10 Global Calling Card can be added to any Straight Talk service plan, and offers a $10 credit to make international calls to any destination in the world.

How do I call an international card?

To use the calling card, you call the number on the back of the card and follow the prompts to enter a personal identification number (PIN), followed by the international prefix and phone number the person wishes to call. Calling cards are often available in local convenience stores, gas stations, and newspaper stands.

How can I make free international calls?

Here are the top apps for free online calls:Skype. Perhaps the most well-known video calling platform of them all, Skype is free to download on any computer and phone. ... FaceTime. ... WhatsApp. ... Telegram. ... Viber. ... Google Duo. ... Facebook Messenger. ... Line.Mar 8, 2022

What's the number for Straight Talk customer service?

1-877-430-2355For assistance or more information, please contact Straight Talk Customer Care at 1-877-430-2355.

Can I purchase an international calling card online?

Virtual calling cards can be purchased and activated online or at a local store and allow you to make international long-distance calls from your contact lists, add balance to your account, and leverage local minutes for calls overseas without the difficulty of PINs or physical cards.

Can a calling card be used with a cell phone?

You can use calling cards when making domestic and international calls. and when roaming, but you are also charged the roaming rate from T-Mobile. To make calls on a T-Mobile phone using a calling card: Call the access number printed on the calling card.

Do calling cards still exist?

Today, you can find many calling cards in the market. You can use them for making both domestic and international calls. So, phone cards or calling cards are a prepaid method of placing long-distance (domestic or international) calls. You pay for the calling time in advance.Jul 14, 2020

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