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military star card phone number

by Kenneth Schaefer Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago


How do I get a new military Star card?

Customer can visit their Exchange customer service or call the Exchange Customer Contact Center 24/7 at 1-877-891-7827 to confirm their information and request a new card.Aug 8, 2016

What is the max credit limit for military Star card?

MILITARY STAR Increases Zero-Interest Military Clothing Plan's Credit Limit to $1,000, Extends Payment Period to 12 Months.Sep 1, 2020

What happens if you don't pay your military Star card?

The Military Star card is part of the military exchange program, and so it acts differently than regular credit cards. If you exceed your credit limit or do not pay your bill as required, your command may be notified, your pay may be garnished, and/or your income tax return may be seized.Nov 22, 2016

How do I get rid of my military Star card?

You must contact The Exchange Credit Program call center at 1‑877‑891‑7827 (STAR) to close your account.

What credit score is needed for military Star card?

You need a credit score of at least 600 to boost your Military Star Card credit limit.Mar 29, 2022

Does a military Star card build credit?

Your MILITARY STAR Card payment history will be reported to the major credit bureaus. This will give you an opportunity to build your credit while you're an active member of the military.Oct 26, 2020

Can I pay my military Star card over the phone?

You may submit a payment through the website or by calling the Exchange Credit Program Call Center at 1‑877‑891‑7827 (STAR).

What bank does military Star card use?

In the past, users could also apply instead for the Military Star Rewards MasterCard, which combined the private-label credit line with a MasterCard line of credit managed by Chase Bank.

Can you buy gift cards with military Star card?

MILITARY STAR rewards cards cannot be credited to an Account, redeemed for cash, applied to a previous purchase or used for purchasing gift cards or e-gift cards. MILITARY STAR rewards cards expire 3 months from the date of the email with the rewards card.

Is the military Star card a federal debt?

Debts that are incurred on a Military Star Card are subject to discharge in a bankruptcy. You can protect your tax refund from being offset by the federal government by filing for bankruptcy. Once your debt from your Military Star Card is discharged in bankruptcy, the IRS will not be able to offset your tax refund.May 13, 2015

Can my wife use my military Star card?

The Military STAR Card is a limited-use rewards credit card exclusively available to military personnel, veterans, and their families who have Military Exchange access.

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