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mi health card customer service phone number

by Miss Amalia Pacocha DVM Published 11 months ago Updated 10 months ago

What is a mihealth card in Michigan?

38 rows · Medicaid Customer Help - MSA/MDHHS Michigan calls only : 1-800-642-3195 : Medicaid Provider Help ...

How do I contact Michigan Medicaid by phone?

If you did not receive your mihealth card or if it is lost, stolen or damaged, call the Beneficiary Help Line at 1-800-642-3195. Facts about the mihealth card: The mihealth card will have your Name and ID number on the front of the card. The mihealth card does not …

When should I take my mihealth card to the Doctor?

Beneficiaries need to call the Beneficiary Help Line at 1-800-642-3195 to request a card replacement. Or they can request a replacement card using the myHealthButton and the myHealthPortal . Go to the following website at www.michigan.gov/myHealthPortal for more …

Where do I Find my mihealth ID number?

Michigan ENROLLS - 1-800-975-7630 (TTY number at 1-888-263-5897) Call Michigan ENROLLS to enroll, opt out, or disenroll in the program. You may …


How do I get a new Michigan Medicaid card?

Beneficiaries need to call the Beneficiary Help Line at 1-800-642-3195 to request a card replacement. Or they can request a replacement card using the myHealthButton and the myHealthPortal . Go to the following website at www.michigan.gov/myHealthPortal for more information.

How do I call Medicaid Michigan?

Answer general questions you may have about Medicaid benefits. Enroll you in the Medicaid Health Plan you choose. For more information, call Michigan ENROLLS at 1-888-367-6557.

How do you check if my Michigan Medicaid is active?

Contact BCBSM at 1- 800-542-0945 and/or visit their Electronic Data Interchange website. Available to MI Medicaid Providers free of charge.

How do I find my Mdhhs individual ID?

Each beneficiary will receive their own mihealth card with their name and ID number (8-digit Medicaid, or CSHCS ID number) located on the front of the mihealth card.

How do I call Medicare?

1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

What is Medicaid in Michigan?

The Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program is intended to provide medical and health-related assistance to low-income individuals and families who have no medical insurance or have inadequate medical insurance.

How do I renew my Michigan Medicaid?

Please have your Medicaid patients go to: www.mibridges.michigan.gov/access/ to renew their benefits online. If your patients do not have internet access, they can visit their local library or local MDHHS office. Patients who have not received their paperwork must contact their assigned MDHHS case worker.Nov 7, 2016

Can I check if my medical is active online?

Use the Online Portal Another option is to use the MyBenefits CalWIN website to check your case status and benefits amount. The system also allows you to view any notices that were sent, such as requests for further documentation and whether you are eligible for additional assistance programs.

How do I check the status of my Medicaid application?

Call toll-free at 800-252-8263, 2-1-1 or 877-541-7905. Choose English or Spanish. Choose option 2. The person you speak with can help you find out if you have Medicaid or not.

Does mihealth card cover dental?

If you have applied for Medicaid and been approved, you will receive a mihealth card. This is the card that you will use when you go see a dentist. Co-pays for dental services for those over the age of twenty-one can be as little as $3.00.

Does Medicaid cover dental in Michigan for adults?

The state of Michigan has announced its new Healthy Michigan Plan, which extends Medicaid coverage to low-income Michigan residents. This plan covers residents between the ages of 19 and 64 whose income is between 100-133 percent of the federal poverty level. The plan includes dental coverage for these adults.

What if I lost my Medicaid card?

If your card is lost or stolen, call 800-252-8263. That's a free call. Online, you can order a replacement card or print a copy of your card. Go to YourTexasBenefits.com, log into your account, and click on 'Manage'.

What is a MiHealth card?

The mihealth card ("my health") is a permanent plastic identification card. You will get a mihealth card (if you do not have one already) if you have Michigan Medicaid, Emergency Medicaid, or Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) benefits. The mihealth card replaced the monthly Medicaid blue paper card.

How to contact Michigan Medicaid?

Michigan Medicaid Health Plan Information. To enroll in a Medicaid Health Plan, call Michigan ENROLLS at 1-888-367-6557. Click here to view a guide to Michigan Medicaid health plans, including ratings.

What does a health plan send you?

When you join a Health Plan, the Health Plan will send you a plan handbook and a health plan card. Take your Health Plan card and mihealth card with you when you visit the doctor, pharmacy, hospital or other medical provider. Your Provider will use your Health Plan card and mihealth card to verify your Medicaid eligibility.

What is the number to call for Medicare?

You may also call for information about changing health plans. Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) - 1-800-803-7174. MMAP services include, but are not limited to, providing Medicare, Medicaid, and other health benefits counseling for older adults and for people with disabilities.

What is the number to call for a long term care ombudsman?

Medicare - 1-800-633-4227 ( TTY 1-877-486-2048) Call Medicare for questions about Medicare enrollment and coverage.

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