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macy's gift card balance customer service phone number

by Steve Crist IV Published 1 year ago Updated 5 months ago

If you have any questions, contact Customer Service at 1-800-BUY-MACY (1-800-289-6229). 6.

How do I check the balance on my Macys card?


How do I Check my Macy gift card balance?

Dec 31, 2015 · Macy's Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number: 1 (800) 289-6229. Shortcut: N/A - Edit

How much is on my Macys gift card?

How To Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance via Phone. If you wish to learn what amount of money you have left on your Macy’s gift card by phone, do the following: Call the gift card customer service team at 1-800-511-2752; Provide the representative with your gift card number; Give the rep your CID number; Wait for their response

How do you check your balance on a gift card?

What Is Macy's Furniture And Mattress Return Policy? View More. My Account & Credit Card


How do I check my Macy's gift card balance?

You can check your Macy's Credit Card balance online, by signing in to your account. From here you can also view and print up to 12 consecutive months' statements or pay your credit card bill. If it's easier for you to check your balance via the phone, call (888) 257-6757.Jan 7, 2021

What is the 800 number for Macy's credit card?

Call us toll-free at 1-866-470-8613 for further information.

Do Macy's Gift Cards expire?

This card is issued by Macy's Retail Holdings, LLC and is required for all inquiries. Macy's Gift Cards sold on or after 2.8. 08 do not expire! No fees are imposed.

Can I chat with Macy's customer service?

Online ChatMacy's / Customer service chat

How do I contact Macy's?

You go on their employee portal and click the call out button. you will loose points. When you "call out" your shift means that you are not coming into work for a reason and you lose points when you do not show up.Nov 20, 2018

How do I pay my Macy's bill over the phone?

Payment by phone888-257-6757 Mon-Sun: 10AM-10PM ET.TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired: 711.Outside the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico call collect: 1-727-556-5758.

How can I check the balance on my gift card?

Every gift card should have their terms and conditions printed on the back of the card. This usually includes a telephone number, which you can call to find out your balance. Visit the store and ask. If the brand has a store nearby, you can always visit and ask the cashier to check your balance for you.Feb 21, 2021

Can I turn a Macy's gift card into cash?

Can You Exchange a Macy's Gift Card for Cash? If you no longer have use for your Macy's gift card, the next logical step is to check if you can return it for money. Officially, Macy's doesn't exchange gift cards for cash. Selling the gift card—Find a website for selling and buying gift cards and sell your card there.

Can I use my Macy's gift card at Target?

There are over 100 store and restaurant gift cards Target will accept like Best Buy, Olive Garden, Macy's, and Panera Bread.Jan 15, 2020

How can I find my Macy's account number?

Note: You can usually find this number on the bottom of a check or on your account statement. You must type this number correctly for your payments to be processed. In Account Name, type something that identifies the account to you, such as Personal Checking or Business Checking.

Where is the headquarters for Macy's?

New York, NYMacy's / Headquarters

What is DSNB Macy's?

Department Stores National Bank (“DSNB”) is the issuer of the Macy's Store Card. For each account with a balance, a minimum payment will be required and you may incur a late fee if you fail to make any required minimum payment on time. The Macy's Store Card may only be used to make purchases at Macy's and macys.com.

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