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love pop cards phone number

by Fanny Schaden Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

(888) 687-9589

How do I purchase LovePop gift cards?

LovePop Headquarters . 68 Harrison Avenue, STE 501 Boston, MA 02111 (888) 687-9589

Where are LovePop cards made?

Reach out to similar pros. This business has not enabled messaging, but you can still request quotes from other businesses like them. Start request. Business website. http://www.lovepop.com. Phone number. (888) 687-9589. Get Directions. 800 Boylston St …

How do I update my LovePop monthly subscription details?

1084. 327. 2/14/2022. Lovepop sells pop-up greeting cards and other paper products (e.g., wreaths, flowers, stickers, and ornaments) for every occasion, including national and religious holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, friendships, get-well and sympathy moments, etcetera.

Is a LovePop card a medical gown?

went to wrong zip code - was supposed to arrive 7/1/21 my friend has not received card yet 7/7/21 - post office has wrong zip code - however i gave correct address and zip to love pop LOVE POP ...


Where are Lovepop cards shipped from?

the United StatesAll Lovepop orders placed on our website are picked, packed, and shipped from the United States. We operate two distribution and fulfillment centers located in Massachusetts and California.Dec 7, 2020

How do I track my Lovepop order?

We recommend that you add 'Lovepopcards.com' to your approved contact list. If you selected a shipping option that includes tracking, your tracking number will appear as soon as your order ships. Click on the 'Track Your Order' button to be directed to your order's unique tracking details.Dec 7, 2020

Who owns Lovepop cards?

John Wise and Wombi Rose both graduated from Harvard Business School and founded Lovepop, a line of 3D greeting cards. They pitched their business on Shark Tank in December 2015.Mar 2, 2022

How much is Lovepop worth?

Today, Lovepop's net worth is over $20 million and growing. Lovepop is a really cool brand, but their retention strategy is lacking.May 12, 2021

How long do Lovepop cards take to ship?

3-8 business daysLovepop Monthly orders are sent using USPS standard shipping and typically arrive in 3-8 business days after processing. Customers will receive our standard order and shipping confirmation emails from '[email protected]' when their subscription order is processed.

Are Lovepop cards worth it?

Really clever, reliable cut-paper foldout cards that really stand out and say: You're worth the very best. (Sorry, Hallmark.) They are so well-engineered that there's never a glitch or a dud.

Do Lovepop cards need extra postage?

If you're using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), we recommend the following postage: Classic card (5" x 7"): 2 stamps (Most Common) Notecard (3.75” x 5.125"): 1 stamp per notecard. Lovepop Play Card (5” x 3”): 1 stamp.Apr 16, 2021

Is Lovepop on Shark Tank?

LovePop Inc., a Boston-based maker of 3D pop-up greeting cards that was featured on ABC's show "Shark Tank," is taking on $10 million from returning investors to continue expanding its distribution.Dec 10, 2019

How many stamps do I need for a pop-up card?

two💌 Q: How much postage should I use to send a PopLife card? A: Great question! If sending in the US by regular USPS first class mail, we recommend you two 'forever' stamps of postage (This is for a 2oz letter and the extra rigid/non-machinable letter charge).

Who is Lovepop?

Lovepop co-founders Wombi Rose and John Wise certainly didn't expect it either, but that's exactly what happened. By happenstance, on a Harvard Business School trip in 2014 while the friends were working in Vietnam, they stumbled upon a street vendor in Ho Chi Minh City selling cards featuring pop-up, 3D designs.May 23, 2018

Does Lovepop ship to Canada?

Do you ship internationally? We are able to ship to a limited number of international locations. This currently includes: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Is Shark Tank scripted?

While the show is currently in its finale week, several people have repeatedly questioned if Sony Entertainment Television's show is scripted. However, a recent pitcher on the show has now cleared the air and has revealed that nothing on the show is scripted.Feb 4, 2022


LovePop creates a precious handmade keepsake that unfolds like a miniature surprise.


Lovepop creates unique, laser-cut pop-up cards that unfolds like a miniature surprise. The company sells 3D pop-up greeting cards for every occasion and works with retailers, businesses, and event hosts to make their message pop on custom orders.

Lovepop Doubles Down on Omnichannel Retail with Biggest Location Yet

BOSTON, July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lovepop, leading designer of magical pop-up cards and gifts, announces today the opening of a brand new store in Boston's Harvard Square, marking the fourth location in the company's hometown and the fifth new retail opening in the U.S. since the start...

Lovepop Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

BOSTON, June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lovepop, leading designer of magical pop-up cards and gifts, announces today the appointment of Lisa Scopa as Chief Financial Officer, effective July 13, 2021.

Lovepop Announces Appointment of Company's First Chief Merchandising Officer

BOSTON, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lovepop, leading designer of magical pop-up cards and gifts, announces today the appointment of Ted Smetana as Chief Merchandising Officer, effective January 11, 2021. In this newly created role, Ted will serve as a member of the company's executive...

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