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by Trycia Cummerata MD Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago


Can I pay my Indigo credit card over the phone?

By phone: You can also make a payment over the phone, by calling Indigo Credit Card customer service at (866) 946-9545. You will be asked to enter your account number before they connect you to a representative.Mar 19, 2021

How can I check the status of my Indigo card?

You can check your Indigo Credit Card application status by calling customer service at (866) 946-9545. When the automated system asks for your account number, keep hitting the pound key until it prompts you to press “1” to be transferred to a customer service representative.

What bank is my Indigo card?

Celtic BankThe Indigo Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank, based in Salt Lake City, UT.

How do I get money off my Indigo card?

People also askCall (866) 946-9545 to request a PIN for your Indigo credit card – it will come in the mail.Take your Indigo credit card and PIN to an ATM.Insert your credit card and type in your PIN.Select “Cash Advance” from the menu of options.Choose the amount of cash you want to withdraw.Take your cash.Sep 20, 2021

How long does it take for my Indigo card to arrive?

about 2 weeksIt usually takes about 2 weeks to receive the Indigo Credit Card, from the time you submit your application to when it arrives in the mail. However, if you don't get your Indigo Credit Card within 21 days after being approved, contact customer service at (888) 260-4532.Sep 20, 2021

How much does Indigo approve you for?

Standard credit limit with no security deposit Unlike many cards available to those with bad to fair credit, the Indigo Platinum card does not require any sort of security deposit. Everyone who is approved for this card will receive a standard credit limit of $225-$300, depending on your annual fee.Jul 30, 2021

Does Indigo card have an app?

23, 2013 /CNW/ - Indigo (TSX: IDG) is pleased to announce the launch of the Indigo Mobile App for Android, available for free on the Google Play Store. This app, designed specifically for the Android platform, simplifies the Indigo shopping experience for quicker and easier purchasing, at home, in-store, or on the go.Oct 23, 2013

Does closing a credit card hurt your credit?

A credit card can be canceled without harming your credit score⁠; just remember that paying down credit card balances first (not just the one you're canceling) is key. Closing a charge card won't affect your credit history (history is a factor in your overall credit score).

Is Indigo credit card real?

The Indigo credit card is a card designed for those with less than perfect or no credit history. With its high approval rate, it creates an easy and quick way to improve your credit.3 days ago

What is Indigo over limit coverage?

Over-the-limit coverage will allow you to exceed your card's credit limit by up to 10% of your credit line. The over-the-limit fee is up to $25 per billing cycle and is charged only if your account is over the limit at the time your monthly statement closes.

Is Indigo a good credit card?

The Indigo Credit Card is a pretty good unsecured credit card for people with bad credit, offering a $300+ credit limit with no security deposit needed. The Indigo Card has an annual fee of $0 - $99, which is worth paying if you have damaged credit and need a credit card for emergency borrowing.Mar 31, 2022

How much can I go over my credit card limit?

Any approved transactions above your credit limit are subject to over-the-limit (or over-limit) fees. This credit card fee is typically up to $35, but it can't be greater than the amount you spend over your limit. So if you spend $20 over your limit, the fee can't exceed $20.

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