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icbc id card phone number

by Roslyn Weber II Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

How do I replace my lost BC ID?

Replace a lost or stolen cardReport your missing card by phoning the ICBC driver licensing centre as soon as possible. (Victoria) 250 978-8300. (Elsewhere in B.C.) 1 800 950-1498.Replace your card by following the steps on how to get your card.

How do I make an appointment for my BC ID?

Most adults need to visit an ICBC driver licensing office. You can book an appointment to visit an ICBC driver licensing office at a location and time that suits you. For more information, please visit icbc.com/appointment. Have your photo taken.

How much does a BC ID card cost?

BC Services card & BC Identification card (BCID)BC Services photo cardFreeOriginal BCID (valid for five years)$35Replacement or renewal$15Seniors (65+)$15Surrender a driver's licence for a BCIDFree2 more rows

What ID do you need to get a BC ID?

Driver's licence – issued by any location in Canada or U.S. Identity card – issued by any location in Canada or U.S.

How long does it take to get B.C. ID?

​Waiting fo​r your licence or ID card to be mailed? Most cards take up to 60 days to arrive. Use our online card status checker to find out if your card is on its way, or still being processed.

How long does it take to get BC Services Card?

four to six weeksHow long will it take to get a BC Services Card? Your BC Services Card will be mailed to you within four to six weeks.Feb 1, 2021

Can I use an expired BC Services Card?

Expiry changes If your BC Services Card is expired, you need to: Get a new BC Services Card. Wait to receive your new BC Services Card in the mail. Set up the app.Nov 29, 2021

Is BC Services Card same as care card?

The BC Services Card has replaced the CareCard, including the Gold CareCard. The BC Services Card provides access to insured provincial health care benefits for eligible B.C. residents.

What is my BC Services Card?

A BC Services Card is government-issued ID. You can use it at places that ask for photo ID to verify your identity or age. For example, when opening a bank account.

Is an expired passport valid ID Canada?

Documents to support identity. Can I use an expired document? No, your identity document must be valid, meaning it's not expired. The only exception is if it's your Canadian passport that expired within the last year.Dec 17, 2020

What are two pieces of ID in BC?

Acceptable Primary IdentificationB.C. Driver's Licence or learner's licence (must have your photo)BCID.BC Services Card (must have photo)Canadian birth certificate.Passport.Canadian Citizenship Card.Permanent Resident Card.Canadian Record of Landing/Canadian Immigration Identification Record.

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