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how to update phone number on safeway club card

by Dr. Winifred DuBuque III Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

How do I update or change the phone number associated with my Safeway club card? You can fill out this online update form here. If you are in the US, you can also call Safeway customer service at 1-877-SAFEWAY (1-877-723-3929). If you are in Canada, call 1-800-723-3929.Dec 25, 2011

How do you activate a Safeway Club Card?

1. Launch your preferred web browser. 2. Open the Safeway website. 3. Log in to your account. 4. Go to the Safeway support page. 5. Click 'update card information'.

How do I update my Safeway Club card information?

Jun 27, 2016 · Mainly users want to update Safeway club card phone number and address on their club card. In this article, I show you the complete process of changing my card info through step-by-step guides. How To Change Safeway Club Card Information. Step 1 :

How do you replace a damaged Safeway Club Card?

Feb 02, 2022 · You’ll be asked to input your phone number or card number and the store you’ll be shopping at most. How do I add my phone number to my Safeway Club Card? To update your Loyalty Program account information, please go to the My Account section on the website or the My Store section on the mobile app or contact our Customer Support Center toll free line at 1-

How do you register for the Safeway Club Card?

Feb 20, 2020 · To register or renew a Vons Club card, you need to know your Vons Club number. If you don't have a Vons Club card , please go to Vons and sign up . If you do not know your Vons Club number, call 877-SAFEWAY (877-723-3929) to get the card number that is linked to the phone number that you are using when you shop.


How do I add a phone number to my Safeway card?

Register with Safeway CardLaunch your web browser.Open the Safeway website.Click the 'Registration' link on the homepage and you will be redirected to the registration site with the online registration form.You will be asked to fill the form with details such as your names, phone number and card number.More items...

How do I register my Safeway Club card online?

How Do I Register For A Safeway Club Card?Go to Safeway.com. ... On the form, fill out your first and last name and email address.Create a password for your account.Once you've filled out all the above, you can simply enter the number on your Safeway Club Card on the “Mobile Number or Club Card Number” option.More items...

How do I get my Safeway loyalty number?

If you're looking for your assigned Safeway Club Card number, look no further than the front of the card. It should be printed in bold, black lettering there. When the card requirement was still in place, shoppers could also input the phone number associated with the account at the cash register to get the discount.Jun 22, 2019

How do I contact Safeway?

(877) 258-2799Safeway Inc. / Customer service

How does Safeway Club card work?

The Safeway Club card is a type of loyalty card that gives you up to 20 percent savings on groceries and other eligible items purchased at Safeway grocery stores. To get your card, all you need to do is go to the customer service department of your local Safeway store and complete an application.

How do I replace my Safeway Club card?

If Safeway customers lose their club card, the process they need to go through is very simple. They can request a new card from the customer service desk, or they can download the Safeway Just For U app and load their account information into the app. There's no additional fee if a card is lost.

Is Safeway owned by Kroger?

Safeway is not owned by Kroger as of 2022 but is instead owned by Albertsons/ Sobeys. Additionally, Safeway's parent company is also owned by Cerberus Capital Management, which owns many other businesses associated with Safeway. Kroger is also owned by Fred Meyer.

How does the Safeway just for u work?

Just for U provides personalized deals and coupons on your favorite items. All you have to do is add them to your Loyalty Program account either online or in our app prior to in-store or online checkout to have your savings applied upon purchase—no clipping of coupons needed.

What is Safeway for U™? How is it different from Just for U®?

Just for U® is now Safeway for U™! Safeway for U™ is everything you love about Just for U® with all new deals, rewards, and perks. It’s easy (and f...

If I’m already a Just for U® member, how do I become an Safeway for U™ member?

Existing Just for U® members can simply update their Safeway mobile app, or sign-in online through Safeway website, to see our all-new, all-awesome...

What are the benefits of enrolling into Safeway for U™? How do I sign up?

Becoming a Safeway for U™ member is free, easy, and offers you all-new, all-awesome deals, rewards and perks! As a Safeway for U™ member, you will...

What are the benefits of using the Safeway mobile app?

The Safeway mobile app enables for U™ members to view and clip digital coupons and personalized deals, redeem Rewards for free gas and groceries an...

What is the Birthday treat and how do I receive it?

At the beginning of each month, qualifying Safeway for U™ members will receive a birthday treat offer (up to $10 value) placed into their Safeway f...

How do I receive the monthly free item?

As a Safeway for U™ member, you will receive an offer for a free item (up to $10 value) once per month. To receive a monthly free item (up to $10 v...

I just signed up for Safeway for U™ with my mobile phone number (or email address). How do I link my...

To link your Club Card account with your new Safeway for U™ account, please contact our Customer Support Center toll free line at 1-877-258-2799 or...

Do I need to register to earn Points or redeem Rewards for gas or groceries?

You must have an Safeway for U™ account with an Albertsons Companies grocery banner store* to earn points or redeem Rewards for gas or groceries at...

Why do I have to register for Safeway for U™?

Registering makes it easier to save on the items you already love to buy. Safeway for U™ provides personalized deals and coupons on your favorite i...

What if I don’t have an email address?

A valid mobile phone number or email address is required for Safeway for U™ participation. You can get an email account for free through various em...

How do I add digital coupons to my Safeway Club Card?

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Find Safeway Club Card Number

If you're looking for your assigned Safeway Club Card number, look no further than the front of the card. It should be printed in bold, black lettering there. When the card requirement was still in place, shoppers could also input the phone number associated with the account at the cash register to get the discount.

Registering to Earn Points

Just as you had to register your Safeway card, you'll also need to sign up to earn gas points on your purchases. Once you've created an account, you can order groceries for pickup and load coupons to your account. To register, go to Safeway.com and choose Sign In/Up, then Create Account.

Using Gas Points

One of the biggest reasons to register a Safeway Card is to earn points that you can then spend on gas purchases. But the grocery store chain will also let you earn rewards that you can spend on groceries and cash discounts. Using your reward points, you can earn up to $1 off per gallon at participating gas stations.

Other Perks of Safeway Rewards

Once you've registered a Safeway club card, earning points is only part of the benefits you'll get. Members of the program also get access to personalized offers based on previous purchases.

Membership club and loyalty card pricing

We only offer prices according to our pricing policy and therefore may not be able to offer any sale or promotional prices associated with loyalty card usage.

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