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how can i know the phone number that is under my ulta reward card

by Gina Weber Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

How do I find my Ulta rewards number?

If you don't have your card, you can tell the Ulta Beauty associate your member ID or phone number. The associate will gladly look up your number and ensure that you receive your points. When checking out online, be sure your Ultamate Rewards member ID is on your My Account page at ulta.com.

Can I use my Ulta card online?

The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card is a credit card that can only be used at Ulta Beauty stores, and on ulta.com.

Can I use my Ulta rewards card at Target?

The Ultamate Rewards® Mastercard® credit card can be used as a form of tender to shop at Ulta Beauty at Target.

Do you get a free gift from Ulta on your birthday?

Ulta Beauty offers each Ultamate Rewards (their store rewards program) member a FREE gift during their birthday month. You must be an Ultamate Rewards member and be opt-ed in for emails in order to receive the coupon for your gift. Ulta will email you on or after your birthday with a scannable coupon for the gift.Mar 29, 2022

Why won't Ulta take my card?

Usually when there are glitches with an order, they're easily resolved. Please re-check the billing address, credit card expiration date and security code. And then just make sure that the information you entered is the same as that on record with your bank.

Do Ulta rewards expire?

Points will expire at the end of the quarter one year after the date they were earned.

What stores accept Ulta gift cards?

Ulta Beauty Gift Cards and eGift Cards can only be redeemed in store at Ulta Beauty or on ulta.com, and are not redeemable at Ulta Beauty at Target or on Target.com.

How do I link my Ulta rewards to Target?

Yes. You must be a member of Target Circle to receive points on your Ulta Beauty at Target purchases. Access your Target account, then visit the Target Circle Partners page to link account. Have your phone number, email address or Ultamate Rewards member ID available.

Can I use my red card at Ulta?

When shopping at ULTA Beauty inside Target, you'll enjoy the combined benefits of both Target Circle and ULTAmate Rewards. Target RedCard holders will also receive an extra 5% discount on their purchases, just as they would in any other department of the store!Jul 26, 2021

How much is 100 Ulta points worth?

$3.00100 points = $3.00 off. 250 points = $8.00 off. 500 points = $17.50 off. 750 points = $30.00 off.

How much is 350 Ulta points worth?

$11.00Redeeming Ultamate Reward PointsPoints$ Off350$11.00400$12.00450$14.00500$17.5048 more rows

How do you become a platinum member at Ulta?

When you spend $500 at Ulta in a calendar year, you'll automatically be enrolled in the Platinum Status program. For every $1 you spend as an Ulta Platinum Status member, you earn 1.25 points, which means your dollar goes further towards earning more points, faster.

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