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green dot secured credit card phone number

by Dr. Ada Thompson Published 11 months ago Updated 8 months ago

(866) 291-0818

How do you contact Green Dot Bank?

May 28, 2021 · Ways to Make a Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card Payment. By phone: Call 1-800-768-9897 and enter your card information when prompted. Online: Log in to your online account and click on “Make a Payment.” By mail: Send a check or money order (but not cash) to Green Dot Bank/ P.O. Box 400/ Provo, UT 84603-0400. Make sure to send it early enough that it …

Can I get cash back with a green dot card?

Aug 27, 2021 · Here is how to reach Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card customer service: By phone: Simply call the customer service number at (866) 291-0818 . Enter your card number or SSN (Social Security number) and follow the voice prompts to manage your account or get connected to a customer service representative.

Does Green Dot offer cash advance?

Welcome to the Green Dot Bank Credit Card web site. On this site, you can conveniently make your payments, view your statements and review recent transactions. Most importantly, all information is Safe and Secure! To make a payment using a debit card, please visit www.greendotcredit.com

What bank does Green Dot card use?

May 15, 2021 · Speak to customer service. Customer support 866 795 7597. The green dot visa secured credit card is a pretty good secured credit card for people with bad credit and no bank account. Overview green dot unlimited cash back bank account reloadable debit cards prepaid cards secured credit card moneypak. If you are not banking with green dot.


Does Green Dot have a secured credit card?

The Green Dot Platinum Visa Credit Card is a secured credit card that doesn't require a credit check when you apply. The card reports your credit activity to the three major credit bureaus, making it possible to build or rebuild a credit history.Nov 15, 2021

How do I speak to a live person at Green Dot platinum?

Contact Customer Service for billing disputes, questions about your account and general correspondence. To contact Customer Service by phone or to report your card lost or stolen, please call 1-866-291-0818.

What is Green Dot credit card number?

(866) 795-7597Green Dot Corporation / Credit card support

Is Green Dot 24 hour customer service?

Call us. 5am-9pm PST, 7 days a week.

How do I contact Greendot bank?

(866) 795-7597Green Dot Bank / Customer service

How do I get my money back from Green Dot?

If you want to claim a Green Dot refund for any losses, you should call the Green Dot customer service at (866) 795-7597. In case you see an error regarding your Green Dot card, you can also call the number written on the back of your card.

Where is the 16 digit number on a Green Dot card?

The first page will ask you for the 16-digit card number, which can be found across the front of the card. You will then need to enter the card's 4-digit expiration date, which is located below the card number, and the CVV, which is the 3-digit security code found on the back of the card.

Is chime a Green Dot card?

Chime is part of the Green Dot® network as well, through which you can make cash deposits at stores like CVS and Walgreens. Aside from the aforementioned out-of-network fee, Chime does not institute any other fees.Jan 13, 2022

How do I text my Green Dot balance?

To get your balance, text “BAL Last4″ to 43411 (where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your card number).

Is Green Dot Bank a real bank?

Green Dot Bank is an online bank that offers competitive rates through its high-yield savings account and unlimited cash-back rewards via its spending account. In business since 1999, Green Dot is part of the Green Dot Corporation. Customer Service Phone: 866-795-7597.

How do I find my Green Dot card number?

You may obtain your 13-digit Green Dot account number by calling customer service at 1-877-984-7465, or by logging into your online account or logging into your account on the Green Dot app. Please keep in mind that the account number is not the same as the number found on your physical card.May 28, 2020

What bank is associated with Green Dot?

Bonneville BankGreen Dot is proud to partner with Bonneville Bank and the U.S. Treasury to help more Americans enter the financial mainstream with their own prepaid debit card account and avoid the cost and the time involved in otherwise waiting for and cashing a tax refund check," said Steve Streit, Chairman and CEO, Green Dot ...

Do I need a checking or savings account to get the primor Secured Gold card?

You don't need a savings account to apply for the primor Secured Gold card. You can fund your security deposit with a prepaid card or by mailing c...

Will my primor Secured Gold Visa card ever graduate to an unsecured card?

While many secured credit cards have the potential to become unsecured after you make a certain number of on-time monthly payments, the Primor Secu...

Can you add your spouse to the account?

Yes, you can add your spouse to the account as an authorized user. You will have to pay an additional card fee of $29, which will be withdrawn from...

How do you get a primor Secured Gold card deposit refund?

You can get your primor Secured Gold deposit refunded by cancelling your credit card. For that, call the number on the back of your credit card. Un...

How long does it take to get my primor Gold Visa card deposit refunded?

In most cases, you will get your primor Gold Visa card deposit refunded within two weeks of closing your account, but any outstanding balance wil...

Does primor Gold do a hard pull?

Yes, the primor Gold card will do a hard pull. You can apply for it with bad credit though. There is no way to get pre-approved for the primor Gold...

Can I transfer a balance to the primor Gold card?

Hello, No.Since this card is fully secured, you would first need to make a security deposit in order to set your credit line. Depending on the amou...

Can this card be expedited to me?

Yes, you can get your card delivered overnight for a fee of up to $40. If you're traveling abroad, keep in mind that this card charges a 3% foreign...

How do I make a Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card payment?

You can make a Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card payment online, by phone, through the Green Dot mobile app, by mail or at a branch. To pay a...

How do I set up Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card automatic payments?

Cardholders can set up Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card automatic payments through their online account or the Green Dot mobile app. Calling...

What is the Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card credit limit?

The Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card credit limit is $200 or more. Everyone who gets approved for Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card is gua...

How much is the Green Dot Visa Secured foreign transaction fee?

The Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card foreign transaction fee is 3% . This means GO2bank will add a 3% surcharge anytime you use the Green...

What is the Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card authorized user bonus?

The Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card does not offer an authorized user bonus, currently. Some credit cards give a bonus for adding an authoriz...

What is the Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card concierge benefit?

There is no Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card concierge benefit. Cardholders with questions about their account can call 1 (866) 291-0818 for...

What is a credit balance refund on the Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card?

A credit balance refund on the Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card is a reimbursement for paying more than the total balance owed on the credit c...

How do I report a lost Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card?

You can report a lost Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card by calling GO2bank customer service at 1 (866) 291-0818 . You can also report a lost...

How do I dispute a Green Dot Visa Secured Credit Card charge?

To dispute a Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card charge, call GO2bank customer service at 1 (866) 291-0818 . Alternatively, the address to dispu...

How much is the Green Dot security deposit?

The Green Dot Secured Visa Card requires a refundable security deposit of at least $200, placed after account approval, but thanks to a $39 annual fee and $0 monthly/one-time fees, it’s still cheaper than most of the unsecured credit cards for bad credit available in 2021.

Is Green Dot a real bank?

Fun to find this out after going. to CVS and having them try twice to add just $100 to my card, only for it not to work. Green Dot is not a real bank and they shouldn't be issuing credit cards.

Do secured credit cards have annual fees?

Some secured credit cards have no annual fees. No Monthly Fees. Monthly credit card fees are most common with unsecured cards for people with bad credit. $200+ Security Deposit. No secured card guarantees a lower minimum security deposit requirement.

Is Green Dot a good credit card?

There’s not much risk, either, since Green Dot evaluates applications using a soft credit inquiry that will not impact your credit score. There are also plenty of really good secured credit cards with no minimum credit score requirement. Some are even less expensive than the Green Dot Visa ® Secured Credit Card.

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