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ebay gift card customer service phone number en español

by Roxane Thiel Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago

How can I talk to eBay customer service?

Contacting Customer ServiceClick Help & Contact at the top of most pages.You may be asked to sign in. ... Select the topic that best matches your issue from the menu.We'll show a quick way to resolve your issue yourself, or we'll show you the best way to contact us and when we're available.More items...

Why is my eBay Gift Card not working?

Here are a few things to check if your eBay Gift Card isn't accepted: Make sure that you have an eBay account registered in the U.S. and a U.S. shipping address. If you used your eBay Gift Card once before, make sure you're using the same eBay account as your previous purchase.

Why doesn't eBay have a phone number?

Why eBay hides their customer service phone number? The short answer is quite simple: money. eBay has 25 million sellers and a total of 170 million users (buyers and sellers).Feb 1, 2018

Is eBay open 24 hours a day?

Go to eBay's Call Us page during eBay's business hours (5:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time). Select the topic you have a question about: selling, buying, your account, delivery and tracking, or returns and refunds.Jan 7, 2016

Can't find my eBay gift card balance?

You could contact Ebay directly to see if the card has a balance on it. If you have the card and the number, then they can tell you the balance. If the card doesn't work, they might be able to tell you the transactions so you can see who used it.

How do I activate my eBay gift card?

Redeeming an eBay Gift CardFirst of all, you need to be logged in to your eBay account to redeem your card.Enter the redemption code in the gift cards, coupons, and eBay Bucks field near the bottom of the checkout page.Any balance remaining will stay on the card for your next eBay purchase.

How do I make eBay call me back?

Need to speak to someone? If you can't find the answer in any of our help sections, visit Contact Us and choose a top issue or ask a question. Click 'call' and we'll give you a direct phone number and a PIN number.

Can I live chat with eBay?

Live Chat. Perhaps the easiest way to actually make contact with a person in the eBay customer service department is to use the live chat feature — which, again, is currently available as of this writing.Mar 11, 2021

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