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ebay credit card phone number

by Dr. Raoul Schumm PhD Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago


How do I contact the eBay Customer Service Center?

Customer Service – Help & Pay By Phone : The eBay credit card customer service phone number for payments and other assistance: 844-435-0237. …

How do I use my credit card on eBay?

To improve your help experience, please sign in to your account. We’ve changed the way you get help from eBay. Our 1-866-540-3229 phone number is no longer in service, and 1-866-961-9253 is now a dedicated line for customers who may have experienced fraud on their account.

Where can I get more information about eBay MasterCard?

For more information about eBay Mastercard, contact the service center at 1-844-435-0237. Top Takeaway. For every 1,500 points you earn with eBay Mastercard, you’ll receive $10 credit on your billing statement. To check your points balance, go to ebaymastercard.syf.com.

How do I Check my eBay MasterCard points balance?

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WHO issues eBay credit?

Synchrony BankThe eBay Mastercard, issued by Synchrony Bank, allows you to earn and redeem dedicated points at the online marketplace.

How do I activate my eBay Mastercard?

eBay MastercardRegister an account at ebaymastercard.syf.com.Select Services.Select Activate Card.Enter your card number, and the 3-digit security code on the back of the card.Select Activate.

How can I remove my credit card from eBay?

About This ArticleOpen eBay.Click My eBay on the top-right.Click the Account tab.Click Personal Information on the left menu.Find your card under "Financial Information."Click Remove next to the card.Mar 4, 2019

Do eBay Mastercard points expire?

Reward Points will expire in 24 months if they have not been redeemed for eligible purchases within 24 months.

Does eBay credit card have an annual fee?

Your points add up every time you use your eBay Mastercard to make a purchase. With no annual fee. Earn 5X points for the rest of the year after you spend $1,000 on eBay in a calendar year. Until then, earn 3X points per $1 spent up to $1,000 on eBay in a calendar year.

How do I pay with eBay credit?

How to pay with a credit or debit cardSelect Credit or debit card on the checkout page, and enter your card details. ... If you'd like us to save the card details for your next purchase, select Remember this card for future orders.Review your order, including your shipping details.Select Confirm and pay.

How can I contact eBay?

You can access Seller Help by entering ebay.com/sellerhelp into your desktop browser. Or you can find Seller Help by going to “Help & Contact” at the top of any eBay page and clicking the “Try it now” link on the Seller Help banner.

How do I shutdown my eBay Account?

How to delete your eBay accountGo to ebay.com on your PC or Mac and log into your account, if needed.Hover the cursor over your name in the upper-left corner of the screen and click "Account settings."If necessary, click the "Account" tab, and then under "Account preferences" select "Close account."More items...•Nov 18, 2019

How many points is a dollar?

In most cases, a single credit card reward point is worth $. 01 per dollar. For example, if a credit card offers a sign-up bonus of 50,000 points for spending a certain amount of money within the first three months of opening the account, the cash conversion value of the points is typically $500.Nov 3, 2021

What bank is eBay credit card?

Synchrony BankA: The eBay Mastercard is issued by Synchrony Bank.

Is eBay Bucks discontinued?

Enrollment in eBay Bucks is currently closed and after careful consideration, we've decided to retire the 1% earnings reward on everyday purchases. However we'll still be running eBay Bucks special offers so you may still receive bonus offers by invite.

How to apply for an eBay Mastercard

To apply for an eBay Mastercard, go to pages.ebay.com/creditcard and select Apply Now.

Earning points

When your card is activated, it will appear as a payment option at checkout on eBay. You can use your card to pay for purchases, and when you do, you’ll automatically collect points. You’ll get:

Adding an authorized user

You can authorize another person to use your eBay Mastercard by either calling the toll-free number on the back of your card or by signing in to your account.

Paying your eBay Mastercard bill

To make payments on your eBay Mastercard, call the toll-free number on the back of the card, send your payment to the address on your billing statement, or sign in to your account at ebaymastercard.syf.com and pay from there.

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