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ebates credit card phone number

by Myrtice Keebler Published 11 months ago Updated 6 months ago

What is Ebates and how it works?

Dec 17, 2021 · Ebates Customer Service Phone Number (415) 908-2200, Email, Help Center. Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks. Ebates 89.

What is the best way to earn cash back from Ebates?

EBATES® CASH BACK VISA SIGNATURE® CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT AGREEMENT ABOUT THE CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT AGREEMENT This Agreement. This is an Agreement between you and Synchrony Bank, 170 Election Road, Suite 125, Draper, UT 84020, for your credit card account shown above. By opening or using your account, you agree to the terms of the entire Agreement.

What is the phone number to apply for a credit card?

1 Qualifying purchases made through Rakuten with a Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card (the "Card") will earn 3% Cash Back (minus returns and adjustments) in addition to Cash Back earned on purchases for shopping through Rakuten. A ("Qualifying") purchase is a purchase made through Rakuten, excluding Giftcardmall.com, Raise.com and Giftcards.com purchases.

How do I contact Lowes credit card company?

Your Rakuten Cash Back Visa Signature® Card or Rakuten Cash Back Visa® Platinum Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy governs the use ...


How do I pay my Rakuten Card?

There are two payment methods available. You can choose to pay by bank transfer (automatic withdrawal) or at a convenience store.Dec 18, 2021

What bank issues the Rakuten credit card?

Synchrony BankThe Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc.

Is there an annual fee for Rakuten?

The Rakuten Cash Back Visa® Credit Card offers outsize value for online shoppers. With $0 annual fee, the card offers a generous 3% bonus on purchases made through the Rakuten shopping portal. You have the choice of redeeming for cash or American Express Membership Rewards.Oct 7, 2021

Is Rakuten Card free?

In addition to not having an annual fee, Rakuten Card is a foreigner-friendly credit card and the application procedure is very simple.Oct 27, 2020

Is Rakuten card good?

This Card is Best For Because its bonus rewards categories include hotels and other travel purchases made through Rakuten, it can also be a solid no-annual-fee option for travel enthusiasts. You'll also get extra cash back on some in-store purchases.Feb 11, 2022

What credit score is needed for a Rakuten credit card?

DetailsAnnual fee$0RewardsExtra 3% Cash Back on qualifying purchases made through Rakuten.com, in Store Cash Back Offers, Rakuten Hotels and Rakuten travel.Purchase APRFrom 26.49% variableBalance transfer APRN/AMinimum Credit Score6702 more rows•Oct 20, 2020

Does Rakuten money expire?

So each of our checks is actually valid for 180 days (or 6 months) from the issue date. Please Contact Member Services to tell us about your lost, missing, expired or damaged check.

Is Rakuten card a credit card?

Rakuten Card is a credit card provided by Rakuten Group, Inc., an e-commerce giant providing internet-based services in Japan.Dec 23, 2021

Is it safe to link credit card to Rakuten?

Any card information you share with Rakuten is held in a secure, encrypted environment and will never be exposed, sold or otherwise compromised. You can link most American Express cards, most Mastercard credit and debit cards, and most Visa credit and debit cards to your Rakuten account.

Which is better Visa or MasterCard?

For most people, it doesn't really matter whether they get a VISA or a MasterCard. Both are equally secure and offer similar benefits. While VISA has a slightly higher market share and greater amount of transactions worldwide, both VISA and MasterCard are equally well-accepted by merchants.

Can I withdraw money from Rakuten credit card?

Benefits of the Rakuten Credit Card Numerous discounts and cash-back points are available. It's more convenient to pay your monthly bills. Have the ability to build your credit history. Withdraw cash at any time.

What is revolving payment?

Revolving credit is an agreement that permits an account holder to borrow money repeatedly up to a set dollar limit while repaying a portion of the current balance due in regular payments. Each payment, minus the interest and fees charged, replenishes the amount available to the account holder.

What are the benefits of the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card?

In addition to Rakuten Cash Back, you can earn an extra 3% Cash Back on qualifying purchases made through Rakuten and 1% Cash Back on non-qualifying Rakuten purchases and purchases made everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. The Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card also offers no annual fee and zero fraud liability.

How do I earn Cash Back?

Use your Rakuten Cash Back Visa Card when shopping at Rakuten and earn an extra 3% Cash Back on qualifying purchases. Use your Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted and earn 1% Cash Back on your purchases and on non-qualifying Rakuten purchases.

Where do I find my Cash Back information?

Track Cash Back earned via your Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card and earned from shopping through Rakuten in your Rakuten account. (Note: You need to sign in with your Rakuten password to access your account information.)

When do I get paid Cash Back?

Rakuten sends you Cash Back quarterly, according to the schedule below. If you’ve earned less than $5.00 Cash Back, we’ll carry that balance forward and wait to mail a Big Fat Check until your balance exceeds $5.00.

How do I get paid?

Rakuten offers two ways to receive payment. You can view your Big Fat Check Settings by visiting your Rakuten Account and choosing your payment method in Account Settings.

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