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cvs care card phone number

by Noble Jones DDS Published 11 months ago Updated 8 months ago


How do I find my CVS ExtraCare card number?

Getting your ExtraCare card number If you need your full ExtraCare number, look on the back of your card or call ExtraCare Customer Service at 1-800-SHOP CVS (1-800-746-7287). If you're checking out at a CVS/pharmacy store and don't have your card, an associate can look it up using your telephone number.

How do I replace my CVS card?

If you no longer have your card, you can call 1-800-SHOP CVS and request a replacement.

Is CVS ExtraCare card free?

Membership is free. You can join online now, on the CVS/pharmacy® mobile app or at any CVS/pharmacy® store. You'll receive an ExtraCare® card with your unique ExtraCare number on it.

How do I cancel my CarePass membership?

You can cancel your membership by visiting CVS.com/CarePass/CancelPlan or by calling us at 1-833-320-CARE Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET or Saturday to Sunday, 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM ET (except major holidays). CarePass memberships cannot be cancelled or refunded in our stores.

How do I change my phone number on my CVS card?

If you have a CVS.com® account, sign in and go to the pharmacy home page or my Account page. Then click the Add/Update button near the Text Alerts icon to change your phone number.

Can I use my phone number instead of my CVS card?

You can provide the store associate with your phone number when you checkout in place of your ExtraCare card. The valid coupons are then available to apply to your purchase. Q.

Why is CVS charging me $5?

CVS Health is launching a pilot membership program that provides delivery perks, discounts and $10 monthly to spend in its stores. The drugstore giant, one of the largest retailers in the U.S., will charge $5 monthly or $48 for a full year for the new CarePass program, which will be tested in Boston.Oct 31, 2018

How do I cancel $5 a month at CVS?

To cancel, call 1-833-320-CARE (1-833-320-2273) no later than 3 days before the renewal date, or cancel online anytime. No refunds for monthly or annual membership fees after the recurring charge is processed.

Is CVS ExtraCare Card a credit card?

Does CVS Have a Credit Card? While using store credit cards like the Target RedCard can help you save even more at your favorite stores, CVS doesn't have a store credit card.Dec 6, 2021

Does CVS CarePass cost money?

The first loyalty and membership program that offers free national pharmacy delivery on eligible prescriptions, CarePass gives customers more ways to access the health-focused care and products they're looking for when and where they need them for a $5 monthly membership or an annual fee of $48.

Is CVS CarePass a good deal?

Is CVS CarePass A Good Deal? CVS CarePass can be an excellent deal if you visit CVS more than once a month. CVS offers their CVS CarePass members a $10 promotional reward each month on minimum purchases of $10, which means you can earn your membership money back through purchasing.

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Call the Customer Care number on your ID card. If you don’t have an ID card, call 1-800-552-8159 (TTY: 711 ). A pharmacist is available during normal business hours.

Q. How do I link my ExtraCare card to my account?

A. Create a CVS.com Account and link your ExtraCare card when prompted.

Q. I found a set of keys with an ExtraCare tag. What should I do?

A. Give the set of keys to a store manager at any CVS/pharmacy location. He or she will ensure that it is returned to its owner.

How to contact CVS Caremark?

Contacting CVS Caremark - by phone or otherwise. While 800-509-9891 is CVS Caremark's best toll-free number, there are 7 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team , according to other CVS Caremark customers, is by calling their 866-561-5344 phone number for their Customer Service department.

What is the best phone number for CVS Caremark?

Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to 800-509-9891 include Preauthorization, Mail delivery, Re-order prescription, Lost card and other customer service issues. The CVS Caremark call center that you call into has employees from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona and is open 24 hours, 7 days according to customers. In total, CVS Caremark has 5 phone numbers. It's not always clear what is the best way to talk to CVS Caremark representatives, so we started compiling this information built from suggestions from the customer community. Please keep sharing your experiences so we can continue to improve this free resource.

What is the phone number for prescriptions?

Customer Number 800-509-9891 - by the Numbers. Phone number to dial 800-509-9891. Call-back available YES. Call picked up by a real person YES. Department you're calling Prescriptions Customer Service. Call center hours 24 hours, 7 days. Best time to dial 9:35am. Navigate phone maze to a human Press 0 OR say "Representative".


Your automated system is so bad I tried contacting a live person for over an hour, after trying to tell the system what I needed. I will be transferring my prescriptions along with my 3 children if someone doesn't contact me back by the end of the day. This is inexcusable!!!!!

Derry NH

This has to be the one of the worst experiences I've had since getting cancer. I won't be doing business with cvs after tomorrow. I'm changing all my prescriptions over to walgreens. I've lost my last night of being upset because your associates have been so rude and ignorant to me.

Very Good Customer Service

I was at CVS in 333 Washington Street Boston Ma There is a empolyee her name was Mildred she was most helpfull person I did business with. and manger & all his staff is very nice.

extra care card coupons

Can CVS please have the cash register scanners automatically deduct coupons I have sent to my card online? Every time I forget to tell the cashier to look for the coupon, they forget and I don't get the deal. I like to shop at CVS, but I can't do the work of the staff all the time. Only one time did a cashier tell me I had coupons to use.

customer service

Obviously , there are some staffing issues associated with the CVS at 3500 Wake Forest Road , Raleigh NC.. I went by there yesterday (10-17-13) twice to get a script filled and both times had to leave because there were only 1 or 2 people working. The lines were long and customers frustrated.

Going downhill

CVS' pharmacy service in Southampton, NY, is taking a dive downhill. My latest problem was trying 2 fill 2 prescriptions last Fri., early p.m. When I picked up the perscriptions, only one was filled. A cryptic note was in the bag. It turned out the second item was not available, and would not be so before Monday after 3 pm, i.e. 3 days later.

Itch relief gel

I purchased two 4 fluid ounce bottles of CVS Itch Relief Gel this past week. The bottles never appear to be full. About 85% of the bottle contains the gel, the remainder is air space. Am I being short-changed? (The bottle does have the top seal firmly in place.)

Stop calling the front store to tell us the pharmacy isn't answering their phone!

I know they're not! I can hear "TWO PHARMACY CALLS" from all the way across the building!

Unpopular potentially. Vote it into oblivion if you want. Needs to be said

I see so many posts on here now that that HUB thing came down about requiring vaccines for many roles in the company. And I see people mad and freaking out over it. I do not get it.

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