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chase credit card lending department phone number

by Bethel Kertzmann MD Published 10 months ago Updated 5 months ago


What phone number is 877 242 7372?

To get started call 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372).

What is the phone number for Chase Credit Card Services?

(800) 432-3117Chase Bank / Credit card support

Does Chase have 24 hour customer service?

Business ServiceLine is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any phone. Just think – you can bank from your office, home and even your car.

Can I chat with a Chase representative?

Sign in to the Chase Mobile app and you'll see the Chase Digital Assistant icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap the icon to bring up a chat window and type questions in your words.

How do I get a person at Chase?

Personal Banking Customers With Existing Accounts Existing account holders can reach Chase toll-free by calling 800-935-9935. Make sure you have your debit card and PIN available for faster service. Additionally, automated support is available 24/7.Jan 13, 2022

How do I contact Chase about credit card application?

How can I contact Chase about my credit card application status?Reconsideration (Personal): 888-270-2127.Reconsideration (Business): 800-453-9719.Customer Service (Personal): 1-800-432-3117.Customer Service (Business): 1-888-269-8690.Check Application Status (Personal): 1-888-338-2586.More items...•Mar 25, 2022

How do I cancel my Chase Freedom credit card?

Call issuer Call your credit card issuer to cancel your card. Be prepared that you may be given a counter-offer to keep the card open. If you're sure you want to close, say no and continue with the process. You'll want to confirm that you don't have an existing balance on the card.

How do I see pending deposits chase?

Here is how:Go to the “My Wallet” section within your Chase Bank app.Now select the “Payments” option and a list of pending transactions will be displayed.Tap on any of the transactions you can see more details including the transaction date and amount of deposit as well as the expected deposit date.

Why is Chase holding my check for 7 days?

Banks place holds on checks to make sure that the check payer has the bank funds necessary to clear it. In addition to protecting your bank, a hold can protect you from spending funds from a check that is later returned unpaid. That's important because it could help you avoid accidental overdrafts and related fees.Aug 20, 2020

How do I send a message to chase?

If you're an existing customer, just sign in to chase.com to send us a secure message. From your accounts page, go to the side menu (the three-line icon in the top left corner) and choose "Secure messages."

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