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changing phone number on whatswpp when switching.sim cards

by Tyshawn Hill Published 1 year ago Updated 4 months ago

Change phone number on the same phone
If you're changing your phone number and using the same phone, first insert the new SIM card with the new phone number into your phone. Open WhatsApp. Tap More options > Settings > Account > Change number > NEXT.

How do I Change my WhatsApp phone number?

Oct 04, 2020 · The feature is located in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Change number. All your chats and groups will remain untouched by using the Change number feature. However, you will need to inform others...

What happens to WhatsApp when you change SIM card?

Change phone number on the same phone Insert the SIM card with the new phone number into your phone. Then follow the steps below. Open WhatsApp Settings. Tap Account > Change Number > Next. Enter your old phone number in the first field and your new phone number in the second field, both in full international format. Tap Next.

How do I change the number on my sim card?

WhatsApp Change Number Feature. Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone. Step 2: Select Settings by tapping on the three dots on the top of the screen. Step 3: Now, go to the Account and select the Change number option. Do I lose my WhatsApp chats if I change phone number? You lose your entire chat history upon changing your phone number.

What happens when you change your sim card?

Nov 18, 2016 · How to change your number on WhatsApp before travelling. Most travellers make use of local prepaid SIM cards when abroad, and most bring their own devices along. When inserting your new SIM, even if it’s temporary, WhatsApp will require you to verify your new number. If your new number is registered and activated, and you have the app already …


What happens to WhatsApp when I change SIM card?

If you buy a new SIM card that you want to use on your current Android or iPhone, it will not impact your existing WhatsApp account. You can still use the WhatsApp registered with your old number.Oct 4, 2020

How can I change my WhatsApp number after changing SIM?

Open WhatsApp Settings. Tap Account > Change Number > Next. Enter your old phone number in the first field and your new phone number in the second field, both in full international format. Tap Next....Change phone number on a new phoneInstall WhatsApp.Register your new phone number again.Restore your backup.

What happens if you format your phone?

What Happens to WhatsApp When You Format Phone. Formatting your phone deletes all the files on your phone, and it’s hard to recover them if you haven’t created a backup for them. So if you format your Android or iPhone, you will lose your WhatsApp chat history .

How to back up WhatsApp on iPhone?

To enable it, go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back up Now. Make sure the iCloud account is signed in on your phone.

Can I use WhatsApp if I don't have a SIM card?

Removing the SIM card to troubleshoot your phone or for any other purpose will not affect the existing WhatsApp account on your phone. You can continue using WhatsApp even if there is no SIM card on your phone, provided you have a working Wi-Fi connection. Pro Tip: Find out what is eSIM and how it works.

How to change SIM card on Android phone?

1. Transfer all the contacts. This is the number one major thing to do before changing sim card on any Android phone, iPhone, or a feature mobile phone. If all your contacts are stored in your sim card, you need to do a transfer or kindly move them to your phone memory or email account. If you change the sim card on your phone without doing ...

What happens if you remove your SIM card from your phone?

Remember, if you remove your sim card from your phone, all the received or sent text messages will still remain in the phone memory. They are not saved in the sim cards but rather in the phone memory, so text messages will still be stored in the phone even if you switch sim card.

How to open contacts on Android phone?

Open the contact app on your android phone, and tap on the menu button which is the three horizontal line icon located on the left corner of your screen. Tapping on the menu icon bring s out some options, and this includes manage contact. Tap on the manage contacts to open another window.

Can I change my SIM card?

There’s no need to do so, switching sim card isn’t resetting of a mobile phone. You can only backup your phone if you want to reset your phone, and not to switch or change your sim card. Mind you, switching of sim card doesn’t delete any files, data or information on your mobile phone.

Can I change my SIM card without mentioning it?

Make sure your phone is unlocked. This is very essential and there’s no way I will be discussing what to do before changing sim card without mentioning it. Changing sim card works best if your phone is unlocked and not carrier locked. Again if you partially unlocked your phone using a sim card, it might get locked again when you switch sim card on ...

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