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by Eino Frami Published 1 year ago Updated 4 months ago

When was Carr's Hobby built?

Petrowske and Pettersen plan to close a purchase agreement on the Carr’s Hobby building in January. They will put an estimated $100,000 into building changes and improvements — including a new roof. The property was constructed in the 1940s and served as the Johnson furniture store.

Who owns Boathouse Treats and Treasures?

Boathouse Treats & Treasures will be owned by Petrowske and her brother, Mark Pettersen of Williston, N.D. Unique items from their large and varied collections will make up the inventory. For example, Pettersen recently purchased two buildings full of jukeboxes, arcade games and bar signs.

When did Coolidge visit the Twin Ports?

Coolidge visited the Twin Ports and the Iron Range in 1928. “I could see the Menard’s coming along and the Home Depots, these big chains,” said Carr. “I figured: ‘I ain’t going to compete with them, they’re going to bury me.’. So I threw out the hardware and we changed to hobbies.”.

Who is Jack's father?

Jack’s father, Martin, had established a Lincoln Park hardware store that featured a large, backroom model train department. Eventually, model train sales outgrew hammer sales. When Jack took over the store he moved operations across the street to 2009 W. Superior St. and focused exclusively on hobby shoppers.

Is Carr's Hobby Shop being dismantled?

Carr’s Hobby Shop is currently being dismantled. Unsold inventory and the vast art and antique collection will be auctioned off Oct. 26 through a Nordic Auction online event. More than 1,000 lots will be sold during the proceedings. Carr, 79, said he is eager to retire but he knows the store closing is difficult for others.

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