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can you get sim cards with no phone number

by Ms. Destinee Waters Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

Can you have a SIM card without a phone number?

Without a SIM Card, your Android Phone won't have a Phone Number associated with it, which can be used by other users to contact or Call you. However, there are many popular VOIP Apps like WhatsApp, Google Voice, TextNow, Telegram and others which can be used to send text messages and make voice and video calls.

Do all SIM cards come with a number?

In answer to your question above, yes, when you order a SIM-only account, it will come with it's own mobile number.Jun 8, 2018

How can I have a no mobile number?

9 Ways To Find Your Mobile Number From Your SIMEnter a Special Code. ... Call a Friend. ... Call Customer Services. ... Check Your Phone Settings. ... Look in Your Numbers. ... Check Your SIM Card Packaging. ... Visit a Store. ... Find a Bill or Contract.More items...•Feb 18, 2022

Does a prepaid SIM come with a phone number?

A sim card does not come with a pre-assigned number. That is done when the sim card is activated. If you are adding a new line, a number would get assigned then and then that number would be activated on the sim card.Jan 4, 2018

Does a new SIM mean a new number?

Once you've given your PAC code to your new network, they'll begin porting the number from your old SIM to your new SIM. This means that your old number will move to your new SIM on your new network. Keep your old SIM in your old phone for the time being, so you can make and receive calls and texts.Jan 12, 2021

How can I get my SIM number?

Finding the SIM number in SettingsOpen your Apps list and tap on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press About.Tap Status. On some phones like HTCs, this may be called 'Phone Identity'.Tap IMEI Information.Your SIM number will show as either the 'IMSI' number, or the 'ICCID number'.

How do I find out my own mobile number?

If you forgot your SIM mobile number and don't have sufficient balance to make a call. You can use these own mobile number check ussd codes in case of an emergency....All SIM Mobile Number Check (Airtel-BSNL-Jio-Vi)USSD DetailShort CodeAirtel Mobile Number Check Code*121# | *123# | *282#BSNL Mobile Number Check Code*222# | *888# | *1# | *785# | *555#2 more rows•Feb 4, 2022

How do I find the mobile number of a SIM card?

8 Ways To Check Your Mobile Number From Your SIMCall a Friend. Since it is simple, this approach has been used for years. ... Call Customer Services. ... Check Your Phone Settings. ... Look in Your Contacts. ... Check Your SIM Card Pack. ... Visit a Store. ... Find a Bill or Contract. ... Log Into Your Online Account.More items...•Aug 18, 2021

Does a new phone come with a phone number?

Get a New Phone Number When you sign up for a new cell phone, your new provider will typically give you the option to keep you old number or receive a new phone number. In the event you are in need of a new phone number, simply select the option to receive one.Mar 14, 2016

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