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can i use a sim card in 2 phones with each having a different number?

by Sydnee Gottlieb Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

You can not use same sim number on two mobile simultaneously. As when you register on gsm or cdma network with sim card. You can not register with same sim card number on same gsm network. Sim card is used to get network.

Is it possible to have two phones on one SIM card?

So you can not use two sim card with same number. There is one mobile number along with each sim card. You can not have two mobile number with one sim card. Now if you use same sim card on two mobile. Now you call to that sim number. Which mobile get ring tone. This is technically not possible. But you can use same sim card on two mobile phone but not same time.

Can I have the same phone number on two different devices?

Apr 20, 2018 · Not possible in the conventional way. You can move the SIM card back and forth, but a number is assigned to one SIM card and cannot work on 2 at once. 0 waymaa Tutor • 2 Messages 4 years ago Thanks 0 Fix, replace or check device delivery Learn more New to the AT&T Community? Start by visiting the Community How-To .

Can I use my friend’s SIM card on my phone?

The simplest way to explain it would be if someone else has your sim card and they want to use it on their phone, then they can access all of your information from your phone like text messages, photos and contacts. If you put the other person’s sim card into your own device then it will not work because phones don’t allow two different ...

What happens if someone else uses my sim card?

Sep 07, 2021 · Can you have two phones with the same number? The answer is yes, it really is possible! You can make this happen, thanks to the MultiSIM service offered by some mobile operators in the US, Canada, and other countries worldwide. We’re going to address a few different phone types, and carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Bell Canada, Rogers, and others.


How do I link two phones to one number?

Go to Phone app > Call settings > Additional settings > Call forwarding. You then have the option to set up your phone to send calls to your second phone. You just need to enter the phone number. If necessary, it's easy enough to turn it off, or if required, reverse it, to send calls from phone #2 to phone #1.Oct 17, 2020

Can you have more than one phone number on a SIM card?

Both SIM cards need to have unique numbers so it is NOT possible to have dual sim cards with the same number. This is because your number is linked to one unique SIM card and cannot be divided at the moment. ... This means you won't miss any incoming calls or texts on one phone number while the other number is in use.

Can you have one number on two phones?

The short answer is "no." Cell phone carriers will not activate the same number on two different phones for security and privacy reasons; for instance, what would happen if the second person lost their phone and every phone conversation was heard by a stranger?

Can you use 2 SIM cards at the same time?

A smartphone or phone that can hold two different SIM cards at the same time is called a Dual SIM device. Having two SIM cards means that a Dual SIM smartphone can use either of the two SIMS to initiate or to receive phone calls.Feb 22, 2019

Can two SIM cards work at the same time?

Dual SIM Dual Active (DSFA) This implementation allows you to make phone calls from both SIM cards inside your smartphone. It can also receive calls on either of the two SIM cards, at the same time. Both SIM cards are permanently active.Aug 23, 2019

Can two cell phones receive the same incoming call?

The simultaneously ring option is handy for people on the go. When you get a call it rings on two phone numbers at the same time. You can set your incoming calls to simultaneously ring your mobile device and another number or contact in case you're busy or momentarily unavailable.

How to clone a SIM card?

The first step is to download the software in your computer, remove the SIM card and Insert it to the SIM Card Clone Device and connect it to the computer. Run the SIM Clone tool from the main toolbar. The SIM Clone window will appear and you are ready to clone the SIM card.

What is a duosim?

Maybe you meant something which is called duosim. Basically that's two identical simcards. One is used in your day to day phone, and one is used in an old phone you can utilize at festivals, outdoor activities, camping, hunting and the like.

Can I have two SIM cards?

Yes , you can if you have two SIM cards with same mobile number. Having two SIM cards with same mobile number is technically possible but not practically as per the current network providers, same I have answered as part of another question.

Can you save contacts when you move a SIM card?

If you put the SIM card in another phone, it will not save your contacts when you move the SIM. You would need to manually copy and paste them from one device or account to another before transferring the number over if that is what you are looking for.

Can you have two SIM cards on one phone?

Some phones will allow the use of a single SIM card with two different numbers. This is because phone providers are becoming less restrictive about letting customers use their service on multiple devices.

How does a dual SIM phone work?

How does a dual SIM smartphone work? The most basic part of a dual SIM phone, that other handsets don't have, is a tray that can load in more than one SIM , obvious, perhaps. But with eSIM becoming more common you may find dual phone numbers on one device without loading in two SIMs.

What is dual SIM standby?

The first, Dual SIM Dual Standby, will put one SIM on standby as the other one is in use. Yup, that means the other line will be engaged if anyone tries to call. Not ideal for business users then. Dual SIM Full Active is the other option.

Can you use two SIM cards on the same phone?

You can technical ly use two different SIM networks on the same phone. But, like with a single SIM, some phones are locked to the network provider. So you'll need to take this into consideration when buying the phone.

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