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can i change from starhub contrct to sim card only plans while retaining same phone number

by Melvin Hessel MD Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

You can switch the line to a SIM Only service to retain it for the moment and then terminate the other line once that contract is complete instead.Sep 19, 2018

How do I Change my StarHub plan to SIM only plan?

Apr 03, 2016 · For non 4G plan, there is a need to change to 4G plan, as SIM-only plan is based on 4G plans. 3. When select the 4G plan, and show the normal subscription rate, this is not an error.

Can I switch from StarHub prepaid to postpaid?

Oct 08, 2019 · Yes, you can switch to the SIM-Only plan by signing up at www.starhub.com/personal/store/mobile/sim-only.html with the same mobile number. If you would like us to confirm / verify further, you can direct your query over to Facebook messenger ( http://m.me/starhub ) or Twitter Direct Message ( https://twitter.com/StarHubCares ) for …

Can I use my number on my new StarHub SIM card?

Nov 09, 2015 · The Online form is for you to inform Starhub that you intent to convert to SIM only plan. This is like when your contract had expire and no wanting to have new phone, the existing plan still continue as it is. This difference is that recontract you need put your signature on contract, in person. SIM only plan do not have to sign anything at all.

How much does it cost to Port my Number to StarHub?

Number Porting. When customising your plan, select [Port from another telco] and share your details. We'll port your number for FREE. After you get your new phone and SIM card, we'll SMS to inform you when porting will begin. It's usually done in a day. Once successful, we'll SMS you. You can start using your number on your new StarHub SIM card. Important

How do I change my StarHub plan to SIM only?

Yes, you can switch to the SIM-Only plan by signing up at www.starhub.com/personal/store/mobile/sim-only.html with the same mobile number.Oct 7, 2019

Can I Recontract to SIM only plan StarHub?

SIM Only plans can recontract to SIM Only 1-Year plans or any 2-year plans any time. SIM Only 1-Year Plans can recontract to any SIM Only 1-Year plans or any 2-year plans anytime within 1 year.Mar 18, 2021

Can I change to SIM only plan?

Once you receive the new SIM card, you will get an SMS or email to make the switch to the new SIM card. Tada! You are now off your regular postpaid telco plan and officially a SIM-only plan user.Mar 3, 2020

Can I Recontract to SIM only?

If you're on 24 months mobile contract, you can only recontract and convert to SIM-Only after completing the full 24 months' contract.Aug 14, 2021

How do I cancel my StarHub SIM only plan?

Step 1: Log in with your Hub iD on My StarHub App and tap on “View”. Step 2: Select a terminated billing account with credit balance. Step 3: Select or confirm your refund method and details. Step 4: Click “Request refund”.

What happens when Sim only contract ends?

After the 12 months plan ends, your plan will continue at the same price/tariff. However, you can upgrade to another sim-only deal or choose to end your plan.Mar 13, 2021

How does SIM only plan works?

SIM-only is a type of monthly contract offered by a provider where you only pay for the minutes, texts, and data you use on the SIM-card. Normally the SIM itself is free and you do not receive a phone - which is why it's called 'SIM-only'.

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What happens if you switch to SIM only?

Before you switch over to a SIM-only plan, make sure that your existing regular postpaid plan contract has expired. Otherwise you will be forced to pay an early termination fee to your telco. Usually, this termination fee is your monthly postpaid plan cost multiplied by the number of months remaining in your contract.

Why do people switch to SIM only?

The biggest reason for switching to a SIM-only plan is because it can help you save more. A lot more. Here’s a summary of the SIM-only plans in the market right now.

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