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blue cross confirm receipt of new card phone number

by Mr. Casimer Harber Published 1 year ago Updated 10 months ago

What is the phone number for Blue Cross Blue Shield customer service?

(888) 630-2583Blue Cross Blue Shield Association / Customer service

Does insurance send a new card every year?

You will receive a new ID card if you are a new enrollee or if you just made a change to your current coverage. Please review the information on your card to ensure it is accurate. Make sure to keep your card handy so your information is easily accessible when you visit a doctor, hospital, or specialist.

How do I contact Blue Cross Texas?

Call 1-800-528-7264 or the phone number listed on the back of the member's/subscriber's ID card.

Is RxBin the same as group number?

Your (1) Member ID number, (2) Rx BIN, (3) PCN, and (4) Group ID (or Rx Group) number are the four numbers that uniquely identify you and your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan - and these four numbers are usually found on your Medicare Part D Member ID card and most of you Medicare plan correspondence or printed ...

How do I find out my deductible?

A deductible can be either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the total amount of insurance on a policy. The amount is established by the terms of your coverage and can be found on the declarations (or front) page of standard homeowners and auto insurance policies.

When an insurance company needs to provide a payout the money is removed from?

Terms in this set (16) When an insurance company needs to provide a payout, the money is removed from: the consumer's income.

Where do I send my BCBS claim in Texas?

MailAttach the Provider Appeal Request Form.Appeals address: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. Attn: Complaints and Appeals Department. PO Box 660717. Dallas, TX 75266-0717.

Where do I mail my Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas claim?

Product and Program Contact InformationIndividual ProductsTyler 3800 Paluxy Drive, Suite 540 Tyler, TX 75703800-259-3668Claims and CorrespondenceMail to:Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas P.O. Box 660044 Dallas, TX 75266-0044Supplier Registration25 more rows

How do I file a claim with BCBS of Texas?

If you have any questions about the submission process or about your claim, you can call a BCBSTX Personal Health Assistant toll-free at (800) 252-8039 (TTY:711), Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m.-3 p.m. CT.

What does RxBin mean on insurance card?

RxBin – Stands for bank identification number, but it doesn't actually involve a bank. It's the number that tells the pharmacy database which (1) Your RX BIN is a 6 digit number. In order to be pay for your medications with your health insurance, you must have a RX Bin number.

What is group number on insurance card?

Group number: Identifies your employer plan. Each employer choses a package for their employees based on price, or types of coverage. This is identified through the group number. If you purchased your insurance through the health exchange you might not have a group number.

What does PCN and bin mean?

The BIN number tells the computer database at the pharmacy which health insurance provider is to receive the claim for the prescription. The PCN number is a second identifier that is used for routing claims.Oct 24, 2018

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