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banana republic credit card phone number

by Aimee Ortiz Published 1 year ago Updated 5 months ago

How do I contact the Banana Republic customer service?

Questions about your Banana Republic Credit Card Cardmembers of Banana Republic Rewards: (866) 450-2330 Icon Cardmembers of Banana Republic Rewards: (866) 450-2335

How do I get a 20% discount at Banana Republic?

Contacting Banana Republic-Bananacard - by phone or otherwise While 800-234-7455 is Banana Republic-Bananacard's best toll-free number, it is also the only way to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team may just be to tell GetHuman about your issue and let us try to find the best way to contact them or find help for that particular issue.

How can I set up automatic payments on my banana republic card?

Apr 02, 2021 · Call or write an email to resolve Banana Republic issues: Payments and Charges, Cards, Shipping and Delivery. Visit the company website www.bananarepublic.com or help center for more information. Banana Republic Customer …

What cards are part of the Banana Republic rewards program?

Jul 20, 2021 · A: Yes, points will be combined in the same points bank as long as your email address and phone number are the same for both accounts. If you notice any discrepancies, please call 1-888-BRSTYLE (1-888-277-8953) for help linking your accounts.


How do I pay my Banana Republic bill by phone?

By phone: Call (866) 450-2330, enter your card information when prompted, then follow the instructions to make a payment. It's free to pay through the automated system, but using a live agent may involve a fee.Dec 3, 2021

What is the number for Banana Republic?

(888) 277-8953Banana Republic / Customer service

How do I contact synchrony?

Use our automated phone system, call the Customer Service phone number on the back of your card or call 877-295-2080.

What bank is Banana Republic credit card?

Synchrony BankSynchrony Bank, based in Stamford, Connecticut, is the issuer of Banana Republic credit cards. Banana Republic partners with Synchrony Bank to offer revolving credit services for transactions made in-store and online at Gap Inc. brands.

How do I cancel my Banana Republic credit card?

You can cancel your Banana Republic Credit Card by calling customer service at (800) 234-7455. If you have a Banana Republic Store Card, you should call (800) 450-2330 instead. Once connected to a customer service representative, state that you want to cancel the card and close your account.Mar 28, 2021

How do I call Old Navy?

(800) 653-6289Old Navy / Customer service

What is the 800 number for Synchrony Bank?

(866) 419-4096Synchrony / Customer service

How do I talk to a human at Synchrony Bank?

You can also phone us at 1-855-872-4311.

What is a Syncb phone payment?

SYNCB/CARECR stands for “Synchrony Bank/CareCredit.” It refers to the CareCredit Card, which is issued by Synchrony Bank. The card can be used to pay for medical expenses at the 200,000+ U.S. medical facilities that are part of Synchrony Bank's CareCredit Network.Jun 8, 2020

Is there an annual fee for Banana Republic credit card?

The card's annual fee is $0. It won't earn you traditional cash back, and it's not ideal for carrying a balance. But if you're bonkers for Banana Republic, its co-branded card has some appeal, if you can avoid slip-ups.

What's the difference between Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory?

You can tell from the labels. An outlet item at Banana Republic will have three diamonds on the label. A J. Crew Factory Store item will have two diamonds which brings us to the dresses we bought.Feb 19, 2016

Can I use my Athleta card at Banana Republic?

A: Rewards cannot be used to make payments toward your account. Rewards can only be used toward purchases of merchandise made in-store or online at Old Navy, Old Navy Outlet, Gap, Gap Factory store, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory store, or Athleta in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico).

How many Banana Republic stores are there?

The company specializes in retail. Banana Republic is a chain of clothing stores. There are more than five hundred Banana Republic stores all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Now Banana Republic operates in Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia as well.

Where is Banana Republic located?

Originally, Banana Republic was a travel-themed and safari clothing company. At the present time, Banana Republic is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company specializes in retail. Banana Republic is a chain of clothing stores.


A: Starting July 20, 2021, our credit card and Rewards programs will combine to become one program. Banana Republic Card, Banana Republic Luxe, and Gap Inc. Visa Signature® Cardmembers will now be a part of Banana Republic Rewards.


A: Yes, your level and benefits travel with you to any of our brands no matter where you enrolled.

Cardmember-Specific Questions

A: Yes, you can still use your GapCard, Gap Silver Card, Banana Republic Card, Banana Republic Luxe Card, Old Navy Card, Old Navy Navyist Card, Athleta Card and Gap Inc. Visa Signature® Card at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Gap Factory and Banana Republic Factory.

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