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autozone rewards card phone number

by Mrs. Callie Wyman Jr. Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago


How do I contact AutoZone rewards?

Rather call? Contact Rewards support by phone at 1-800 741-9179. Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CT; Saturday - from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM; Sunday - CLOSED; AutoZone(TM) respects your privacy and safety concerns. Security Standards; Privacy Policy; …

How do I earn AutoZone credit cards?

AutoZone Rewards Phone Number AutoZone Rewards Customer Service can be reached at [email protected] The AutoZone Rewards Phone Number is 1 (800) 741-9179 AutoZone Rewards Member ID Lookup Your AutoZone Rewards Member …

How do I view the balance on my AutoZone gift card?

Contacting AutoZone Rewards Customer Service at 1-800-741-9179 Writing to the AutoZone Rewards Center at 123 S Front Street, Memphis, TN 38103 What if I forgot my account password or need to change it? Click on Forgot Password? at sign in. Then, enter your email address or username associated with your account.

How long does it take to get loyalty points from AutoZone?

To view the balance on your AutoZone Gift Card or AutoZone Merchandise Credit, please enter the 16-digit card number in the space provided below. QUESTIONS ? Click here to contact us. Or, you can reach us by phone at 1-800-AUTOZONE (1-800-288-6966).


How do I add a receipt to AutoZone rewards?

You will need to log-in to the AutoZone website and select "Add a receipt" or call customer service at (800) 741-9179 with the transaction information printed on your receipt. Requests must be made at least 3 days after purchase and cannot be made more than 90 days from the date of purchase.

Can you give me the phone number for AutoZone?

(800) 288-6966AutoZone / Customer service

How do you enter a gift card on AutoZone?

Enter the 16-digit card number and 4 digit PIN on the Order Summary & Payment page during the checkout process. Provide gift card to the AutoZone employee at the register. The employee will scan the barcode on the back of the card for redemption.

Can you give me the phone number to Advance Auto?

(877) 238-2623Advance Auto Parts / Customer service

Who is the president of AutoZone?

William C. Rhodes, IIIWilliam C. Rhodes, III, was named Chairman of AutoZone during fiscal 2007 and has been President, Chief Executive Officer and a director since March 2005. Prior to his appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rhodes was Executive Vice President – Store Operations and Commercial.

How do I use my Advance Auto gift card online?

When you reach payment options at checkout, select the "Advance Auto Parts Gift Card" option. Enter your prepaid gift card number and PIN. Your available gift card funds will be applied toward your purchase.

Can AutoZone gift cards be used in store?

You can use your gift card at any AutoZone store nationwide and at www.autozone.com. Please note that most GiftCards.com merchant eGift cards can be used at the merchant's retail location and online at the merchant's website.

How many gift cards can you use at AutoZone?

4 gift cardsHow many AutoZone gift cards can I use towards my online order? You can use up to 4 gift cards per order.

Enroll Automatically

Join amazing Retail brands when you make a purchase on a credit card that's linked to SoLoyal. Or enroll seamlessly when you enter a store.

In-Store Updates

SoLoyal displays your AutoZone Rewards rewards and benefits at exactly the right time, like immediately when you walk into a AutoZone store.

Never Miss Rewards

You'll automatically get a push notification from SoLoyal that updates you on your status as a member of AutoZone Rewards, including your available rewards.

What is Autozone Rewards?

What is the AutoZone Rewards program? AutoZone Rewards is a free program that helps you get more for buying what you need. You’ll earn a $20 Reward after every 5 purchases of $20 or more and receive access to exclusive offers just for you.

How long do autozone rewards last?

Your AutoZone Rewards that are earned will expire in 3 months (90 days). For more detail, see the full Program Terms and Conditions.


To view the balance on your AutoZone Gift Card or AutoZone Merchandise Credit, please enter the 16-digit card number in the space provided below.


To view the balance on your AutoZone Gift Card or AutoZone Merchandise Credit, please enter the 16-digit card number in the space provided below.


Membership Page – Let’s Get Rolling

  • Customers face no difficulties when it comes to finding AutoZone RewardsProgram. They can sign up for the loyalty program immediately from the main page of the company’s website. The signup process is quite straightforward: on the membership page, customers immediately come across the enrollment button. They can check their membership status after signing in, see the …
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Enrollment – No Putting The Breaks on

  • Customers can join the AutoZone Rewards program by completing the application process at participating AutoZone locations or through the company’s website. When customers sign up for AutoZone’s loyalty program on the website, they are presented with two options besides signing in: “Join now” or “I signed up in-store”. Both of these options direct the member-to-be to the sam…
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Program Structure – Driving Customers Loyal

  • The AutoZone Rewards program was established with loyal customers in mind. It isa free, transaction-based loyalty program that helps customers get more for buying the things they need. Within the traditional earn & burn loyalty program, members receive a creditevery time they spend $20 or more. When they earn five credits within 12 months, they receive an AutoZone Rewardwo…
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Point Accrual – Loyalty Down The Road

  • The central benefit of AutoZone Rewards is that customers earn a credit when they spend $20 or more on a qualifying in-store or online purchase. All they need is their AutoZone Rewards ID, phone number, or digital cardif shopping in-store. Members who shop on AutoZone.com or through the app can either sign in to their account or enter their Rewards ID at checkout. Custo…
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Rewards – The Driving Force of Loyalty

  • Besides the $20 reward, AutoZone’s membership program benefits include useful features that make members’ lives easier. Members can save their vehicles, track their service history and access thousands of repair guides for free. They also receive exclusive deals and customized offers. Members can redeem rewardsat AutoZone retail stores by using their member card durin…
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Mobile App – Get Autozone on The Road

  • The AutoZone app makes taking care of vehicles and ordering the right parts and accessories easier. Customers can get the necessary parts fast with same-day store pick upor home delivery. They can also track their AutoZone Rewards balance and get information about their local store. Coupon codes and rewards can be easily linked to purchases within the app.
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Shop Referral Program – Put The Pedal to The Metal

  • With over 5 million customers, the company welcomes shoppers with varying levels of repair expertise. Many of those customers are in need of help. That’s why AutoZone created a referral program, besides their rewards program, where they send their walk-in and online customers to participating qualified professionals. While providing customers with expert help they are also dr…
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Final Judgement

  • Although AutoZone has done a fantastic job of building a name for itself, they still have some work to do on their loyalty program. The value of the company’s loyalty program lies in being simple and easy to use. AutoZone Rewards is highly visible on their website, encouraging customers to click and find out more about participating. It seems to be truly helping customers …
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